ic Kathe With an E: Springtime In Colorado

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Springtime In Colorado

I wanted to post this as a reminder to myself that 
when the temperature is a dry 95 degrees in a few months,
what we endured to get to that point this year.
This photo was taken of our backyard this morning, 
Thursday April 18, 2013.
It was under 20 degrees at the time.
The drive into work was icy and dicey.
We are to get to a high of around 35 degrees today.
But, the good news is, there are blue skies and sunshine today 
and I will never gripe about too much of those!

Find time to today to see the beauty in your day friends!


  1. Hi Kathe ...
    My son flew into Denver last night and was greeted by a long line of snow removal equipment. His connecting flight was cancelled :( We're definitely having some crazy weather this year!
    But, yes, blue skies and sunshine always make me happy too :)
    Hugs & Blessings ...
    Simply Fresh Vintage

  2. Oh, Colorado..

    During my sophomore at CSU (in 2010), I had to venture through a blizzard to get to one of my finals.. and it was the middle of May!

    We had rain, hail and eventually snow last night in KS--gotta love it!

    Stay warm!

  3. We can't seem to turn off the snow here either!

  4. I feel bad for you with the snow....we watch the Mets and know that it was happening in Colorado since there games have been cancelled.


  5. WOW, Kathe - oh my goodness, that is shocking!

    Today we have true spring.

    Hope that comes to you soon.


  6. It is very springlike here, with some rain expected tomorrow night. We can't complain here this winter. We will be having the oppressive heat and humidity soon enough. Hope spring arrives in all its glory by you soon. xo

  7. Very strange weather this year!!! Thankfully we do not have snow, yet! We've had 4" of rain over the last 2 days and my yard is turning into a lake. Maybe next week it will be 85 degrees and sunny for all of us:) Have a great week!

  8. Yikes! I'm glad you recorded this and I hope blue skies and warmer temps reach you soon!


  9. My Ft. Collins sister sent us some photos of her snow. I told her to come back home!!