ic Kathe With an E: August 2015

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

My Back Gardens

In spite of the one of the wettest springs in recorded history here in Colorado I did in fact get a back garden going this year.  I am only growing roma tomatoes and cucumbers this year though due to space.  
I wasn't sure if I would ever be able to get the cucumber seeds in the ground this year as it was so cool but the recent heat we have had has them going like crazy!
Tons of flowers and some cucumbers forming!  I cannot wait to begin pickling!
I bought the roma plants from the store this year as there was no way for me to start those by seed.
I was afraid I may have put them into the ground too soon but as you can see, we have 'maters!  Mr. B & I have found a new treat in sliced tomatoes on french bread with butter and salt for me and mayo for him.  I see we will soon be kept happy for weeks!
The dill I once again left to self seed and it is a monster this year!  Before my MIL left for Arizona she was out there almost every day cutting some off for her salads and dill dip.  Since she has been gone, I had to cut a bunch down and gifted it a co-worker of Mr. B's.  We will still have plenty to use in our pickles though.
The grand child garden has loved the wet weather! The daylily on the bottom right and the bleeding heart behind it have already bloomed. The sedum on the left and the Queen of the Prairie behind it are still going strong! I love that the plants my children sent to me to create this garden for my grandchildren is doing so well.  It makes me smile every day.

Behind the grandchild garden I threw some zinnia and cosmos seeds from The Dollar Tree into a planter the previous homeowners left, just for fun.
And we have flowers!
In many colors too.
From vegetables to flowers, nothing beats time spent outside with my plants!

Now, I want to know how your gardens doing this year!

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