ic Kathe With an E: June 2012

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Happy Independence Day!

Mr. B & I don't usually do much for the 4th.
We will BBQ some ribs,
I'll make some cole slaw
and a macaroni salad
as well as a pie.

We used to be able to watch the
city's fireworks display
from the front porch
but,  the neighbors trees have
gotten too tall,
obstructing our view.

We have driven the few miles
to watch them close up but,
with both of us having to work the next day,
we will probably not do that this year.

Max does NOT like the 4th of July!
all of the fireworks and
firecrackers have him hiding
under the bed most of the night.

No matter what we old fuddy duddies
I usually do up the little table
in the entryway but, now
that I have the buffet I filled
the top of it instead.

I painted and then modge podeged napkins on
some $1.00 bird houses from Joann's.
The flag tray is from Kohl's.
Regularly priced at $34.99, I paid
$6.99 on clearance!
Everything else was also purchased on
clearance or made by me.

You may remember
back at this post the fabric
I got while out thrifting a few weeks ago.
I knew right then and there I was
going to use it for this table
The blue placemats were given to me
by one of Mr. B's friends when
he was moving.

 The plates are all melamine
and were another clearance find
from Target several years ago.
The little hats are from
Party City.
I put a patriotic ribbon around my
go to white napkins and
laid red, white and blue flatware from
Family Dollar on top.
The bowls, for ice cream later,
were found in the Dollar Spot
at Target several months ago.
For the centerpiece,
I spray painted two Ragu jars,
and added some jute and stars.
They are filled with
flowers from my favorite flower shop
The Dollar Tree LOL.

I also spray painted a clear vase from Goodwill white
and loaded in a bunch of the symbol
of our freedom, American flags.
The blue stems are from The Dollar Tree and
the red plastic water glasses are from Kohl's.

 I love all of the red, white and blue
of this holiday!
I am so proud to be
an American!

I hope you have a wonderful day
with friends, family
or, just that special one that you love!
Save room for some pie!

I always share my tablescapes with 
Marty at A Stroll Thru Life Table Top Tuesday

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Monday, June 25, 2012

You're Gonna Love It Tuesday - Week 10

Holy Carp!!
Last week was 
76 links!!
A big ole Kathe With An E Welcome 
to all my new friends! 
And thank you to all that commented and  
let me know it's okay
that I can't make it to visit each week!
I honestly do respond to each and every
comment left on each and every
post I write each week!

I am just so happy that you choose to visit and
party with me!
You all are the best in all of blogland!
Okay, let's bring it in!
Group hug!!

So, since last week was so
I feel the need to spotlight the
top TWO posts from week 9!
 (I really need to get a 
"You've Been Featured Button" 
made don't I!)

First up is 
Cindy  from 
 Cindy shared her "hodge podged"
tag sale finds and crafted items
with us.
I love the pillow/ bag!
And the hats!! Oh I loved the hats!
Whenever I get to 
old age I am going to
wear hats just like these!

Next was Rachel from
 Rachel transformed some old frames
into the perfect addition
to her little princess' room!
(sigh) I did so want to be a princess too!
 Ba!  Who am I kidding with the "did"? I still do!!

let's get on to week 10!

Feel free to link up anything you created, baked, mashed,
 decorated, wrote, photographed, discovered etc.!
Anything you are just so proud of
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 I want you to follow
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(Of course if you do decide to follow,
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I would also love it if you would link back
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But again, it's not required.
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Only one real rule, 
I do ask that you
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But, don't forget,
Starting next Tuesday, July 3,
The first Tuesday of each month 
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That means you can link up your regular posts, as always
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your own link parties!
 Anything and everything!
All I ask is that you keep it clean and
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I will reserve the option of deleting 
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Please link to your specific post URL not your main blog URL.
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Let's get the party started!
Be sure to come back and check out
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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Flood® Wood CareTake It Easy Sweepstakes

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We have a small wooden deck in the back that could really use some help! Mr. B and I haven't quite figured out how to best maintain our little deck. Flood® Wood Care has a really strong reputation so we are going to give it a try once the weather cools down from the record breaking temps we have going on right now!

I am even considering using it on a park bench I have out back under a pine tree. You may remember seeing it in a post I did way back at the end of Semptember.

(It doesn't look any better this summer! )

I am really hoping Flood® Wood Care can help my little bench! Their website has detailed instructions for each step involved and detailed information about each of their products.  There is also a "help me choose" tool that will help you pick the best stain for you. And Flood® Wood Care products are available at Home Depot, Walmart, and other select retailers. 

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Thursday, June 21, 2012

And The WINNER is...

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Perfect for cleaning up
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Or how about
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Keep this next one next to your sink
Use this soap to eliminate
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And, it smells like coffee!
Oh. Em. Gee. Yum!!
And these are just a few of the many soaps
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Each bar is hand cut so
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Which to me,
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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

I'm Just Practicing

Practicing for what,
you ask?
Why for 
I Love Thrifting Day
on Saturday July 7th!!

I am thrilled to find out
that I will get to meet one of my blogging besties,
Elaine from
Creating Wonderful Spaces
I am so excited!
Elaine is a fellow tablescaper
and, from I have seen,
she can sniff out some wonderful thrift finds
for my her tables!

So, since I hadn't been out thrifting in a few
weeks, I needed to be sure my own
skills were still sharp!
Sure, I only hit two stores and a garage sale
but I found plenty!

My first score were these goblets
Four of them in perfect condition.
Marked at $2.99 each.
 But, blue tags were 50% off so I paid $1.50 each!

The rest of my finds
were something different for me.
And, I admit, I went
a tad crazy!
I have seen some of the gals
using scarves on their tablescapes. Well there were row upon row
of scarves at this store.
Most were 50% off!  
Roses! $3.99
Vibrant tulips! $1.50
Marigolds! $1.50
Sensing a theme here?
You know me and my flowers LOL!
This one is is even brighter in real life. $2.99
I love the pattern on this one. And we are
in Denver Broncos country here
so orange & blue will be perfect this Fall!
How sweet will this be on a country breakfast table?

I was finally able to drag myself away
from all of the scarves and made my way
back to the linen section of the store.
Where I found this fabric remnant.
$1.00!!!  I already have plans for this piece!

Do you know what is coming up soon?
The 4th of July!
Another remnant. Red, White & Blue!
Guess what this is.  Guess!
A twin sheet for $1.50!
I texted Mr. B and he looked online for me
and twin sheets will fit my dining table perfectly!
I'll be checking out sheets more often!

My cart was FULL
so I checked out and was headed home
when I drove by a garage sale
and saw this hanging, ironically,  from the garage door.
Know what it is?
It's a closet shoe holder!
I totally needed another one for my napkin storage!

When I got home Mr. B was ready for lunch.
So, we went to our favorite Mexican restaurant.

After we were done eating he stated he wanted to stop by Sears.
Normally when he wants to go shop for tools
I find a way to get out of going
but I am so happy I decided to tag along!
Look what was on clearance!
I love the cross stitch pattern!
A set of four NEW dishes for about $2.00 each!
By the time we made it home
I was exhausted!
But, I needed to be sure
I was in tip top shape!
I feel pretty confident that my mad skills
are sharp and
as a lean, mean thrifting machine!

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