ic Kathe With an E: September 2012

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Fall Dining Room

Mr. B loves our dining room table as 
much as I do but,
as much as I like to fill it with dishes etc.,
he likes it best when 
the decor is kept simple.

So, I decided to just decorate the table
with a simple fall centerpiece for him
until I go crazy again and
set it for Canadian Thanksgiving next week
and then Halloween.
 I used a simple off white runner 
from Ikea.
The two green candle goblets came 
from Burlington Coat Factory.
Don't forget, they sell
more than clothing!
They also have awesome home decor!
For the center I took a 
trifle bowl that was a gift
from Ms K and randomly hot glued
some faux leaves along the outside and wrapped
it up with some twine.
I then filled it with 
little faux pumkins, gourds and pinecones 
from my Fall stash bin.
An orange candle sits in the center.
Two smaller red votive candles 
sit on each side.
I decorated the buffet with my 
favorite tiered tray from Ikea.
 The bottom tier has Fall sunflowers,
pinecones and leaves.
The middle is filled with mini pumpkins
from Walmart.
And the top is full of faux acorns, also from Walmart.
A couple of ceramic pumpkins 
surround one of the plants I
repotted from an arrangement
we received when daddy passed away in February.
A fun little crow is caged up
in a tall cloche.
He adds just the right touch of whimsy to the buffet.
On the opposite end of the buffet sits
a thrifted pheasant, another re-potted plant
and a mercury glass hour glass
I found on sale at, of all places,
Lamps Plus! 
I never knew they had decor 
as well as lighting!
I had to run in to get a projector bulb for work
and I could have spent all day there!
I will be going back soon!
 Max let me dress up the little table
that he has a bed under for when 
we have storms or he just needs some alone time.

I filled a thrifted wine crate with
all kinds of faux flowers,
pumpkins and acorns.
It is Mr. B's most favorite of all
the fall decor I have done this year.
My inspiration was from 
Carlene's decorated fall suitcase that she 
shared at the party a few weeks ago.
 I placed some faux leaves and a leaf I cut
from sheet music into a distressed frame
and placed it in front of the box
 A covered acorn and pumpkin bowl
sit on each side.
 A pair of my favorite candle sticks
complete the vignette.
I love to decorate for the seasons
but, mostly I love
to decorate in a way that
Mr. B finds pleasing too!
I wonder what he'll think when
I get the Halloween bin out? 
(Big Grin)

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Thursday, September 27, 2012

October Sponsor Call

Where did the month of September go??
I know I want time to pass quickly
so that I can see my oldest son marry
the most wonderful woman and to get to meet
my little grandson
but, c'mon!
 It could slow down just a wee bit
dontcha think?

Winter will be here in the blink of an eye!
And so will the holidays.
I'd like to help promote you,
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whatever you need to promote.

I currently have 6 spots available
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Want some stats and info?
To show my appreciation 
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here is a picture of
Max and his favorite pink ballballball.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Fall Hutch

A few weeks ago I shared my
late Summer hutch decor here.
At that time I promised you
that I would share her more often.
True to my word, I am going to
show her off again today.

Like everyone else it seems, I have 
been bitten by the Fall decorating bug.
Mr. B was kind enough to get my Fall bins
down from the garage and so it began.
It was quite the flurry of activity!
There were leaves flying, pumpkins and other
decor strewn all around me.
It was just like almost like Christmas for me!

I decided to go outside my comfort zone
with my china hutch this year.
I decided to not stick with just dishes
and went with some other decor too.
On the very top I left my vintage printer's drawer
and added a couple of big faux pumpkins and some
Fall garland.
The Give Thanks
picture is new from Hobby Lobby this year
although, you just know I did buy it on sale.
 On the top shelf I started with a 
couple of orange chargers that I got on sale
at Michael's.
I then layered green plates from the Dollar Tree
and then some pretty pumpkin salad plates
I bought from Home Goods last year, or the year before
or sometime LOL.

I also used a wooden pumpkin plaque
that says Welcome. 
This is out of the norm for me, to use decor
like this instead of plates but,
Love It!
On the lower shelf I filled a wicker
basket with one of my favorite white ceramic
pumpkins and smaller pumpkins and gourds.
If you look closely, you can tell
that this little vignette somewhat mimics 
the scene depicted in the Give Thanks picture
on top of the hutch.
 In the back, I placed one of my favorite Fall platters.
I purchased it several years ago at Hobby Lobby
and I always have to display it somewhere.
This year, it's in the hutch
Another one of the pumpkin plates and
another favorite platter finish off this shelf.
I had to buy this Happy Harvest platter when 
I saw it at Hobby Lobby.
(hmmm...I sure like Hobby Lobby's platters don't I!)
Mr. B was born and raised on a
farm in Saskatchewan. It's my little
homage to his childhood.
 The bottom section only has the 
Autumn sign I made and shared a few weeks ago.
in a few weeks, come Canadian Thanksgiving,
this space will be filled with the tarts and pies
that are Mr. B's holiday favorites.

I will be leaving the hutch decorated like this
until after Thanksgiving.
Then the real fun begins!
She will then be all dressed up 
in her Christmas pretties!

I always share my dishes with 
Marty at A Stroll Thru Life Table Top Tuesday

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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Dig, Drop, Done And Curbside Chaos!

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I found that I am most like Evelyn.  Evelyn is an empty nester just like me with more time on her hands to spend gardening.
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Monday, September 24, 2012

You're Gonna Love It - Week 23

Well here we are,
officially in the Fall season.
I didn't use to like Fall much.
Too close to winter I guess.
Then Mr. B started pointing out all of the
warm colors and the smells that
are the signature of Fall.
Now, well, I love it almost as much as Spring!

From the links last week I can
see that most of you are getting your
Fall on!
While others, well you're kind of like me,
clinging to the warmth and sunshine
of Summer.

After our record breaking hot Summer,
 I do like the cool evenings
and being able to have the windows 
open and let the breezes blow the 
stink out as my dad use to say.

What I like even more though
is to party!!
And I love partying with all of you the best!

So, let's get this party started!!

The most viewed link last week 
was from Carol at
 Carol shared her Fall entry.
I just love how she decorated her mirror.
And I don't think you can go wrong
using burlap anytime of the year!
I buy it buy the yards myself.
Go get yourself an
I've Been Featured 
button Carol and wear it proudly! 

On to this week's party!!

Feel free to link up anything you have created.
Recipes, decor, crafts, written or photographed.
Anything you are so proud of
you just gotta share it with others.
I will reserve the option of deleting 
any post that I do not feel fits the 
theme of my blog.

If you follow my Facebook page 
you will notice I spotlight
some of my favorites there too.

It would be nice too if you'd check and
make sure you are not a 
no-reply commenter.
I try to respond to every email and comment 
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As always, I don't require that you
be a follower
in order to link up.
 I want you to follow
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Not because it is required.

I would also love it if you would link back
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Either grab the party button
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But again, it's not required.

I only have one rule:
I ask that you please 
DO NOT link up
giveaways, Etsy shops or anything for sale.
Save those for the first Tuesday of each month
(next week!)
Anything Goes!
Remember to come back and check out 
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Leave a comment, make their day
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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Fall Mantle

Now that Summer is over and it is
officially Fall
(or Autumn if you're fancy like that)
I decided it was time to decorate the mantle for the season.
 As you know,
our mantle isn't the traditional single 
long shelf.
It has many odd shaped cubbies to decorate.
When we first looked at this house to buy,
But now, 8 years later,
I've grown to love it and the decorating possibilities
it affords me as the seasons change.
A few weeks ago I got out my stencils and craft paint
and made this burlap Autumn banner.
Some twine, small clothes pins and
fall leaves and flowers is all it took to
put it together.
I like my crafts easy!
The left side of the mantle is my biggest challenge.
We have to have our electronics somewhere,
I just wish I could hide them better.
(Suggestions happily accepted)
Everything you see was either thrifted or, 
made by me.

The right side has no electronics save for 
a small speaker that I just choose to ignore
and basically hid it behind a ceramic pumpkin.
Again, all thrifted, clearanced or, made by me.
Two of my favorite Fall items are on this side.
They are the very first crafty post 
I shared when I started this blog
last year.
And then,
a pretty greeting card from
The Dollar Tree, matted and framed.
I filled a lantern with some
small faux pumpkins, gourds and acorns
and set it up on some thrifted books I 
covered in burlap.
A few more pumpkins add to the vignette.
 I am very pleased with how our mantle
looks this year.
Believe me when I say I used great restraint and 
didn't try to empty all of my Fall bins
onto the shelves LOL.
The nice thing too, is that
it won't take much to change out a few 
things for Halloween and Thanksgiving!
 As my friends in the South say,
Happy Fall Y'all!!

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