ic Kathe With an E: You're Gonna Love It - Week 25

Monday, October 8, 2012

You're Gonna Love It - Week 25

 Before we get the party started,
just a quick note to let you know
you will be seeing more of me
than usual.

The economy hit home and
I was let go from my real job last Friday.
Sales are down big time
and something had to give.
That something was me.

I am keeping a good attitude about it.
I wasn't happy there.
The job never really didn't ever fit me right.

So, in between job hunting,
I plan to give the house a good cleaning
and catch up on some things
that have been neglected around here.

And, of course,
I also plan on getting 
some fun projects done that I never
found the time to do.
I'll have lots more fun stuff
to share with you!

Don't forget to take advantage of my
Ad Space Sale  
Going on now!
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AND my Shabby Apple 
$50.00 Gift Card Giveaway
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What's say we party down
and have a really good time this week?

Last weeks party was awesome!
So many links and a hearty thank you
to all of you that choose to party with me each week!

The most viewed link came from
my buddy A Rod at
A Rod shared her
This girl knows how to shop
doesn't she?
On to this week's party!!

Feel free to link up anything you have created.
Recipes, decor, crafts, written or photographed.
Anything you are so proud of
you just gotta share it with others.
I will reserve the option of deleting 
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I only have one rule:
I ask that you please 
DO NOT link up
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Save those for the first Tuesday of each month
Anything Goes!

Remember to come back and check out 
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  1. Sorry to hear that you lost your job but I'm sure you'll come through it just fine!

  2. Thanks for the great party Kathe, have a wonderful week!

  3. What a mixed blessing - good that you will not have to go to a job that didn't make you happy anymore :) I'm sure you will find something just perfect - AND get tons gone with your free time! Good Luck!

  4. Sorry to hear about your job, but it sounds like it was for the best. Good luck on your job search! Thank you so much for hosting this week party! Hugs, Penny

  5. Sorry to hear the news, but when a door closes another one always opens! Must mean you need to enjoy some nesting time and wait for the right fit to come along, and I am sure it will. Just linked up to the party. Good luck, Kathe. Hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful. xo

  6. Sorry to hear about your job and I wish you the best of luck find a better job next so excited about the feature that made my night

  7. Thanks for hosting Kathe! Too bad about the job.. but if it didn't make you happy, it just might be a good thing :)Have a great week!!

  8. Thank you for hosting, Kathe!
    Your job loss is a blessing in disguise. You have great things ahead of you! :-)

  9. Sorry about your job Kathe - even when it doesn't feel right it's a blow to lose it - we're victims of the economy as well..............
    Thanks so much for hosting despite your bad news!
    Big hugs,

  10. Sorry to hear about your job, Kathe. It just may be a blessing in disguise! Wishing you luck in finding a better one :) Thanks so much for hosting!

  11. Hi Kathe. You will be fine!!!!! thThanks for hosting!,,,, Could you please put my party on your party page? Thanks!!!!!! Debbie

  12. Sorry about the loss of the job...God will open another door for you.:)
    I really loved seeing the features here this week.
    Thanks so much for hosting.
    xo bj

  13. Kathe, I'm sorry to hear that you have this added stress in your life. I wish you well with the job search. I'm sure something will come your way. I look forward to seeing your new projects. Thanks for hosting each Tuesday.......Sarah

  14. So sorry for you job loss, Kathe. Hopefully something better will come along! Thank you for hosting and may you have a good week.

  15. You write so positively Kathe. Thank you for hosting and glad I could join in this week.

  16. I am sorry to hear about the loss of your job. But you weren't happy. So this is a sign that something better is on it's way. I am a firm believer in this. Thank you so much for your positive outlook. You have no idea how much it means! xo

  17. Oh, I'm so sorry to hear about your job! Hopefully you'll find something much better that you enjoy more. :) Good luck!

  18. Thanks for hosting, Kathe! I finally made it to your party! I am sorry about your job. This is a terrible economy and the gas situation is horrendous. Let us hope things improve!

  19. I am sorry to hear about your sudden unemployment. Hoping you can enjoy this time and that things will work out for the better. Thank you so much, Kathe, for hosting this linky party. We enjoy it! :-)

  20. Hears hoping you will find a job that suits you!

    Thank you again for hosting the blog hop.

    I'll link up in the morning.

  21. So sorry to hear about the job Kathe. I hope you find something better soon. Thanks so much for hosting! I hope you have a great week!

  22. I will pray for you sweet and lovely lady, so something better comes your way. I am sorry for the job situation, the economy is really rotten, I'm worried about the USA!!! The more people pray, the better things get, I believe in the power of prayer! Thank you for hosting and having me. Big hugs and hope you have a good week.

  23. Oh Kathe, I'm sorry to hear about the job. As my Dad would say, onto bigger and better things! Best of luck with your job search...and have fun getting all those projects done!

  24. Sorry to hear about the job :-( but glad we will see more of you! Thanks for hosting, Kathe - hope you have a good week,

  25. I hope you find a job you really love to do...fingers crossed! THX for hosting each week, Kathe :)

  26. Thanks for hosting Kathe!
    Sorry to hear about your job; but there is a saying "When destiny closes the door, usually opens a window".
    I am posting some costumes I make for my family, hope you'll like them.
    We don't celebrate Halloween in Croatia, but we do have very festive season of Carnival when we dress up a lot!
    Many greetings

  27. Oh, Kathe... that is never easy, even if it wasn't a good fit. Hope you are able to do a lot of fun things in your time off and good luck in the job hunt!

  28. Kathe I am so sorry about losing your job. That happened to me 3 years ago and I finally just 'retired'. I am older then you of course :) Joining this party always makes me smile and I hope you too! Hugs, Linda

  29. Thanks for the link back.....you are THE BEST!!!! Debbie http://vintageonadime.blogspot.com/2012/10/welcome-home-wednesday-3.html

  30. Hi Kathe - I am sorry to hear about the job situation. I think you have the best attitude about it. I will keep you in my prayers and I hope that not only will you get to enjoy your time in between, you'll be back to work at something you find fulfilling in no time! Thanks so much for hosting :)

  31. Good luck with the getting a job.Times are tough now, but you are a survivor. Thanks for hosting.

  32. So sorry to hear about your job! There is something much better for you!!!! Enjoy your time off while you can. You are in my prayers. Thank you so much for hosting another great party! :)

  33. Hi Kathe, sorry to hear about your job, hope something better comes along soon, but in the mean time, glad to hear more from you. Thanks for hosting.

  34. So sorry to hear about your job Kathe. Something better will turn up. Thanks for hosting this party!



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