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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Pie Crust~My Way

I am the first to admit,
I am not a baker.
I love to cook but,
baking requires a sense of science
and it's not something
you can just throw and go 
like I can do when I create a meal.

That being said,
I do love to make pies.
Mostly because Mr. B loves his sweets but is not
a big cake fan.

Not to say I don't make cakes, 
because I do.
Because I love cake!

But, if I want to 
keep the big guy happy,
a pie is the way to his heart.

I had tried, and failed,
many pie crust recipes trying
to find the perfect one.
 Mr. B likes his crusts dry but tasty.

About a year ago I finally hit on the perfect crust recipe
and I'd like to share the recipe
and how I make it with you today.

Here is what you will need:
 (this is for a double crust)

3 cups all-purpose flour
1 teaspoon salt
1 cup shortening
2 teaspoons vanilla
4 to 6 tablespoons ice water
1 beaten egg
Cinnamon Sugar mix
In a bowl, whisk together the flour and the salt.
Cut in the shortening until it's nice and crumbly.
(I know some recipes want your shortening 
to be cold but this recipe does not. 
And, if my dad were watching me, 
he'd wonder why I wasn't using frozen 
grated butter. 
Sorry dad, my crust, my way!) 
Sprinkle the vanilla over the mix and 
use the fancy pie tool thingy
(what is it called??)
to get it mixed in as evenly as you can.

Gradually add water, a few tablespoons at a time,
until the dough forms a ball
(at this point I toss convention aside and use my hands to "feel"
the dough and make sure it is moist enough
to not crumble but not wet.)
Divide into 2 evenish sized balls and set one aside.
Roll out the pastry to fit a 9-inch 
pie plate.
Do you find rolling out dough
to be as therapeutic as I do?
It's my favorite part of making a pie!
Transfer to pie plate and trim the pastry to about 1/2 inch
beyond the pie plate.

Brush the bottom crust evenly with
some of the beaten egg
and sprinkle some cinnamon sugar on top.

Take your other ball of 
dough and roll out, again to fit 
a 9-inch pie.

Fill the bottom crust with your favorite pie filling
(this pie was for Canadian Thanksgiving
so I used Saskatoon berry pie filling 
Mr. B had ordered online from Canada).
Add the top crust and
crimp the edges together.
be as fancy as you'd like here.
Me, I used the tines of a fork
just like I remember my mother doing.
Brush the top crust with more of the egg
and sprinkle again with cinnamon sugar.

For this pie I baked it in a 450 degree oven for 
10 minutes
then reduced the heat to 350  degrees
for the final 30 minutes or until the top
is golden and the filling is bubbling.
I find that this cooks and sets the bottom
crust and, with berry pies in particular,
there is no leakage.

And there you have it!
A perfect and delicious
piece of pie.
Throw some ice cream or whipped cream on top
and Mr. B is one happy man.
Mission accomplished :-)

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  1. I am not much of a baker. I agree it's different than cooking. It makes for a lot of extra dirty dishes. The pie crust does look perfect, Kathe.

  2. It took me a while to get pie crust done pat (no pun intended) and it sometimes still fights me. This sounds like a good recipe. Your pie looks beautiful. xo

  3. Kathe,

    I've struggled my entire married life with pie crusts. I believe I've only made one and with a recipe using lard. (which by the way turned out great). Your recipe sounds easy enough and I'll have to give it a try. Maybe this time my pie crust will turn out.

    Thanks for sharing. :)

  4. It looks delicious! I love to bake & hate to cook. Good thing my hubby likes to cook. LOL

  5. A picture perfect pie! It looks delicious!

  6. That looks so good! I don't bake much as the Mr and I don't need the calories and we are both unable to 'control' our portions when it comes to baked goods.
    hugs, Linda

  7. Just look at that perfect crust! I'm afraid I am a pie crust coward. I always buy the Pillsbury Pie Crust that's in the refrigerator section. Now, that you have given this great tutorial...I just might try my hand at making my own crust.
    Thanks so much for sharing!

  8. Hello, new follower here! I would love to have you link up with my Clever Chicks Blog Hop this week!

    I hope to see you there!
    The Chicken Chick

  9. It looks gorgeous- I'm always trying to find the perfect pie crust, so I'll have to give yours a try. Thanks for sharing!

    Valerie- www.occasionallycrafty.blogspot.com

  10. I love to bake but I struggle with pie crusts--so I try yours.
    Thanks for sharing.

  11. What can I say? I love your blog:) Thanks for linking up To Whimsy Wednesday!
    Smart! School {House}

  12. I can sure see how that pie got you his heart! Yum!!

  13. Thank you for the recipe. Pie crusts are my thing.
    Looks good too.

    we may have met by chance...but we become friends by choice.

  14. Kathe,
    This is a great tutorial. I love your recipe. I have never been able to make a great crust, I am going to have to try this. I hope that you'll link this at Adorned From Above this week.
    Debi @ Adorned From Above

  15. It seems that the crusts that work best are the ones that dare to use more water. Yours does that.

  16. I think I will just have to try your crust recipe.

    Your blog is really nice looking. I am glad I came across it.


  17. I don't think I have ever tried making a pie crust that did not have Cold oil, butter, Crisco. Thanks for a new recipe. Since I am lazy, I usually only make the bottom. The pie looks delicious. The Pie Crust Tool Thingy is called a Pastry Blender (or my mom called it a Pastry Cutter)

    Yael from Home Garden Diggers

  18. It does look delicious and I love the easy recipe/directions!

  19. Your pie looks great, Kathe. I'm not familiar with Saskatoon berries - do they taste like blueberries?

  20. Nice recipe,I use one almost the same. It sounds nice though with the bottom layer brushed with egg and sugar. Must try this. x

  21. Kathe, I too would be one happy woman. Pie is one of my favorite desserts. I would choose it over cake any day. Pecan and Coconut Cream are my two favs. The berries sound delish. Your crust looks lovely. Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  22. I like your idea to use the cinnamon sugar mixture on the pie crust... Also my pastry blender is my hands... I never can get the pastry blender to work for me. Your Saskatoon pie looks yummy and now I am craving it... but will be making more butter tarts shortly (my husband loved them). thanks for sharing on Foodie Friends Friday.

  23. thank you for sharing at the Thursday Favorite Things blog hop. Wishing you a beautiful day xo

  24. That looks great! Makes me want to make some pie!
    Thanks for sharing this week at the Creative Inspirations Party!
    Stacey of Embracing Change

  25. Kathe - this pie looks gorgeous - have never heard of that filling before but it looks great - I appreciate you sharing your crust recipe with us - looks great! I appreciate you sharing with Home and Garden Thursday,

  26. I love pie!! I have never heard of Saskatoon berry, I guess they don't grow very well here in the desert, LOL. One of these days, I am gonna be somewhere I can try some of these:)

  27. This pie looks so tasty! I love saskatoon berry pie.