ic Kathe With an E: Halloween Birthday Table

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Halloween Birthday Table

I recently invited 3 of my
ghoulfriends over to celebrate
one of our favorites birthday.
Griselda was celebrating her
2,040th birthday and we all know
how we gals take milestone birthdays 
like this one.  
Each place setting had a different
plate and wine glass to reflect each personality.

This was for Arbis to sit at.
She's quite the wicked one.
Always turning people into toads and such.
I choose this one for Eucalypta.
She tends to love 'em and leave 'em.
Dead that is.
 Arachne will sit here.
She's the eldest of the group at 3,125 years old
and going through "the change" if you know what I mean.
And here is where I will sit.
Mr. B will tell you that this is a pretty accurate
depiction of my hair in the morning.
Griselda wanted to take center stage.
She is small but mighty!
Once she took her place,
she set about the skulls of her many lovers
around her skirt.
She carries them with her as a, not so gentle,
reminder to not take her loving charms lightly.
Escaping from her skirt were her many pets. 
Griselda is quite the animal lover.
Snakes, spiders and mice being her favorites.

They were all over the table!
I say this with love Griselda, but please,
learn to control your pets!
 I made sure to have our groups 
favorite libation on hand.
None of us are getting any younger!
All the ghouls are always so impressed
with my skills at finding
deals to use on my tables.
They always kid me and say I must cast some black magic 
before I enter a store.
I just smile slyly and nod.
I served a light dinner of 
deviled egg eyeballs, finger sandwiches,
hot and spicy batwings, and earthworm alfredo.
Dessert was individual
Zombie cupcakes.

Oh we had such a wonderful time!
Reminiscing over the centuries 
that we have maintained such strong friendships.
Of course with this group of ghouls,
you sure don't want to say anything to make anyone of them mad!

Just when things were getting fun,
Griselda announced that she must take leave immediately!
Something about a spell gone terribly wrong.
One second later...
Poof! She was gone.

I know she'll be back at some point.
Not only did she leave her lovers skulls,
she left her pesky pets too!
You'll not find me cleaning up after them
anytime soon!

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  1. Hi Kathe!

    What a fun party... I guess my invitation got lost in the mail :( I would have brought some of my creepy crawlies along to add to the fun!

    xoxo Bunny Jean

  2. How fun! What an awesome tablescape! I enjoyed reading about each guest and now I know how you score such great dinnerware - 'tis magic! ;)

  3. Not only a cute table but a perfectly witchey story to go with it!!

    hugs, Linda

  4. Love the table and the guests are wickedly charming. xo

  5. This is a hoot! Love your table and the guests' were very creative!

  6. What a fun table! The smoke was a great effect!!! You are so creative!

  7. Yours guests are spooktacular! What a fun table!

  8. That was a wonderful post to read and the pictures were delightful! Makes me witch I was a part of your coven. (sorry...had to do it.)

  9. This is the cutest post! I think Griselda has taken lessons from the famous Cajun, Marie Leveau! You put so much into this, and it really shows! You should get some kind of prize, for sure.

  10. Rotfl.. so funny. I love that she left you the mess. What a fun party. I love the dishes!! And the glasses too. Just a great, fun table.. xo marlis

  11. What a fun post, Kathe--I loved it! What fun individual witch plates and glasses.

  12. Ghoulfriends...I like that! I can imagine you smiling the whole time you were putting your table and your post together.

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  16. This is SO COOL, Kathe!!!!! If you had a plate that said "Wretched, Withered, Woeful Witch", that would have been MY place setting! :-) This is very imaginative, and I LOVE the poof of smoke in the wake of Griselda's sudden departure! You HAD to have had fun putting this all together. It is just SO fun!!!

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    - The Tablescaper

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  30. Kathe,
    Love this party idea! I will have to have one for my Ghoulfriends too :)
    Thanks for sharing :)

  31. Fun party! The most important ingredient is a group of good friends who appreciate the humor of this table, and you seem to already have that! Wow! This looks like a lot of fun!

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    Love what you created!
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