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Monday, October 29, 2012

Guest Post With Suzan - Simply Vintageous

  While I am off for my son's wedding, I will be sharing posts from some of my blogging buddies.  

Not to worry!
You're Gonna Love It Tuesday 
party will still be up and running later today!

Those of you on the east coast,
please be safe and let us know you are okay when you can!  

Today I am so happy to introduce you to Suzan from
Simply Vintageous

Thanks Suzan! 

Good morning everyone - I'm so happy to be here - I just love Kathe ( and her Canadian husband lol ) and was more than thrilled to be able to guest post here today - I blog over at Simply Vintageous. AND HERE'S THE UGLY TRUTH - on being 50 something. I write myself big notes all over the place when I'm going to be guest posting because I can't remember anything anymore - my brain has become so saturated with paint that it has a very hard time retaining actual information anymore................ AND THEN I LOST THE NOTES - well, they're somewhere I suppose - perhaps under a paint can or two - and because it's now 1.30 in the morning, it's far too late to run around and paint something ( I've done that when guest posting, believe me ) I frantically went through all my old posts - and I think it's safe to say this one is like a new one ( before I had any followers at all ) so this is what you get when you ask me for help! ( my head is hung in shame on this one - but for those of you going through the big M - you'll get it - and for those of you that aren't - your time is coming my dears - your time is coming!
Suzan screams - OH MY GOD!
John screams - ( from the bedroom ) What?  What happened? 
Suzan screams - OH MY GOD!
John runs out of the bedroom - Are you ok? What's the matter?
Suzan says - I completely forgot I'm supposed to be guest posting for Kathe tomorrow morning
John says - You woke me up - you know that right?  You woke me up because of this?
Suzan says - Well I didn't mean to wake you up - but I'm panicking
John says - Good night Suzan - I'm starting to hate your blog
Suzan mumbles - I'm not so crazy about your golf either.........................
So here we go - my Ottoman revisited I love glitz - I'm like a magpie and am always attracted to things that sparkle while shopping. And this wicker black ottoman had definitely seen better days so..................
lol - now you WILL POSITIVELY not believe what I just did - I accidently deleted all the original after shots of this project - can I get any crazier ( probably - but I don't want to know about it ) so it's partly a brand new post after all Suzan says - while opening the light in the bedroom - Sorry I have to take the ottoman out of here John says - What is going on in this house - it's almost 2 in the morning - why are you rearranging furniture for God's Sakes?  Dear God - I need to get some sleep Suzan Suzan says - I accidently deleted some photos I need for Kathe's post - so I have to take some more John says - Do you think you can close the door on your way out? Suzan says - yes, of course - and leaves the room John yells - DO YOU THINK YOU CAN TURN OUT THE LIGHT TOO!!!!!!! sheesh - some people get so grumpy when you wake them up ok - so here's a brand new " after " shot
I also happened to have a round piece of marble that I use to turn it into a side table
And I did it Kathe - by hook or by crook I got this post out to you on time!!!
I hope you're having a wonderful week with your son and new daughter - I'll do better next time ( I promise I'll put a note on the wall in front of my computer and one on the bathroom wall and one.......... ) 


  1. Great guest post. I follow her blog and I think it is great!


  2. Hi Kathe and Suzan!
    What a pretty new face you have given your ottoman. I just love reviving something that is showing it's age. The marble top...adds such a totally new look.
    Thanks, Suzan, for hosting for Kathe today.
    Big hugzzzz,

  3. Kathe hope your having a great week wishing the best of luck with everything this week Susan is awesome even when she forgets her stuff ja ha ha great post

  4. I love Suzan! I am not going through the big M yet and I already have no memory! Can you imagine what I'll be like in a few years?

  5. Your ottoman turned out great! LOL about the hubby sleeping and your freaking out!
    That marble piece looks perfect on it like it was made for it!


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