ic Kathe With an E: You're Gonna Love It - Week 40

Monday, February 4, 2013

You're Gonna Love It - Week 40

Welcome dear friends to week 40 of You're Gonna Love It!
Thanks so much for joining me!

And, Holy Carp!!
You guys brought it last week!
163 link ups makes it the best week EVER!
You know I love seeing what you have to share each week!
Even though I have started working again,
this party will be here each and every week!
I promise!

The only thing I can't promise, for the time being anyway, 
is that I will share my favorites on my Facebook page.
Once I get all settled in I hope to get back to that on a regular basis.

Thank you again for all of your prayers and positive vibes
while I looked for a new job!
You guys are the very best of the best and gosh darn it, I love you!

Now, I feel like celebrating so let's get on with the party!
It's the first Tuesday of the month and you know what that means,
Anything Goes! 
The most viewed link last week came from Annie of 
Annie One Can Cook   
Annie took us along on her first thrifting trip of the year.
Annie is a newlywed, like in only a few weeks ago, and I believe she lives in my neck of the woods here in Denver! I need to go thrift shopping with Annie!
(I think we even share a friend in common (Hi ThriftDee!))

Grab yourself an I've Been Featured button Annie!

Now it's time for those danged rules:

  You can link up your regular posts as always
but, this week

you can also link up your giveaways,
your Etsy shops, your Ebay stores,
your own link parties!
 Anything and everything!
All I ask is that you keep it clean and
family friendly
try to limit your posts to only 5 link ups.
I reserve the option of deleting
any post that I do not feel fits the
theme of my blog.
I also like to spotlight
some of my favorites on my
Facebook page so,
be sure to follow me over there too!

It would be nice 
if you'd check and
make sure you are not a 
no-reply commenter.
I try to respond to every email and comment 
you leave to me but, if you are a
no-reply commenter,
I can't and that makes me sad.
As always, you don't have to
be a follower
in order to link up.
 I want you to follow
Kathe With An E
because you want to.
Not because it is required.
 I would also love it if you would link back
in some way
so that others come and party with us.
Either grab the party button
or add my blog link
to your post or on your

  blog party page.
But again, it's not required.

Just remember, this is a party 
so please, after you link up,
mingle around 
and visit some of the other party guests.

Stop by and visit these other great linky parties this week!
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  1. I was wondering if you were going to keep this up, now that you're a working lady and all. Glad to see you are! ;-) http://www.fiveminutesformommy.com/

  2. Hello, Kathe! Thank you for hosting this fun party! Congrats on breaking a record last week! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  3. Thanks so much for this wonderful party this week, glad to be here. Happy Monday!{Hugs}
    [email protected]

  4. Thank you for the party, Kathe :) Have a great week!

  5. Thanks for hosting, I get so confused with all the linkys going on tonight lol. Happy to be able to join this week. Glad I straigtened it out in time between two Kathy/Kathe's xo

  6. Thank you so much for featuring my thrifting trip, Kathe! I had no idea you were in Denver!! I'm originally from the eastern plains and currently live in Kansas. Let's please set up a lunch and a thrift trip sometime!

  7. Thanks so much for hosting Kathe! xo

  8. So how was your first day Kathe?????
    And you still made time to host a party - you're the best!
    Have a great week -

  9. So I hear you now have two jobs, blogging and...... LOL So hope your first week is going great!!!

  10. Wow sweet lady, you impress me! You have time for everything, even to party up, with your new job and all! How was your first day? Want to hear all about it! Yes, I saw lots of guest at your last party, I'm sure this week will be the same. Thank you for the party and have a blessed week, my friend.

  11. Thanks so much Kathe. Have a great week!

  12. Thank you for hosting...your dedication is much appreciated!

  13. Hi Kathe, Thanks so much for hosting. Have a great week. Hugs, Peggy

  14. Thanks for hosting! Have a fabulous week! Hope your new job is going well.

  15. Thanks for continuing the party. Blessings to you as you start your new job!

  16. Hope all goes well with your new job Kathe. Thanks for hosting too. x

  17. Thanks so much for hosting Kathe! I hope your first week at your new job is awesome!!
    Tuula :)

  18. Thank you so much for hosting! I finally finished my pine cone trees, and you can see why I really need your gorgeous pine cone wreath to go with them. :)

    Have a great week, and wishing you the best at your new job!

  19. Thanks for hosting, Kathe! Wishing you a wonderful time at you new job :-)

  20. Kathe,
    Thanks so much for hosting!!
    I linked up my V Day Trees and a Wreath Re-Do!


  21. Thank you very much for hosting another great party! Have a nice week!

  22. Thanks for hosting Kathe! All the very best with your new job.

  23. Thank you for a great party! I look forward to checking out some of the other blogs that have also linked up. I am new to your party & linked up my LOVE DAY decor. I am also a new follower & hope you will also follow me at AID.
    Thanks again =0)

  24. Thanks for the party! I linked to my new 12 weeks of Mac N Cheese recipe at The Patriotic Pam.

  25. Thanks for always hosting a fun party, Kathe!


  26. Thank you for hosting Miss Kathe! I hope all is going well with your new job.

  27. Oh what fun! Thx for hosting, Kathe. Happy Natl Pancake Day :)

  28. Kathe,
    Thank you for hosting. Way to go! My link party is going on now, hope you'll come on over at http://www.memoriesbythemile.com/
    Wanda Ann @Memories by the Mile

  29. Hi Kathe, thanks for hosting :)