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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Hey Girl

I have been having so much fun checking at all of the Hey Girl link ups at the
Hey Girl Link Party being hosted by
hey_girl_link_partyI decided to join in with a few of my own Hey Girl photos.

First up, Mr. B. Lord knows the man totally gets involved when I come up with a wild scheme!

Hey Girl, Let me remove the toilet from the powder room so we can put in wood floors while you blog about it.
Kathe With An E - Hey Girl
Max got to join in too. 

Hey Mommy, Since you've been working hard all day we only need to play ballballball for 2 hours instead of 3.
Kathe With An E - Hey Girl
And a random Hey Girl that Mr. B would never ever say.

Hey Girl, You're right, we do need to cuddle more. Let me turn off the Super Bowl for a half hour or so.
Kathe With An E - Hey Girl
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  1. Too cute, Kathe :) I am loving these "hey girl" pictures that bloggers are coming up with for that party!

  2. Aweeee... Mr. B! -- I bet he would unplug to cuddle ;) sweet guy!!

  3. OMG, so that's what happened in the super bowl - it was all so you could get some cuddle time! I LOVE it! Laughing out loud. :)

  4. Ha ha... that's the way it goes here too, I come up with a great idea that really my husband is the one who has to execute, and I keep him company while he does the work.


  5. I have been laughing for days as I read the Hey Girls. My husband has still not recovered! Unplug the Super Bowl? Asking too much!

  6. Love your "unplug the Super Bowl" ...lol, and most definitely your doggies quote!


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