ic Kathe With an E: You're Gonna Love It - Week 14

Monday, July 23, 2012

You're Gonna Love It - Week 14

First, I want to thank you all for your
prayers for my city and state.
Although we weren't directly affected by the horrible
shootings, it still made us very sad and angry.
As I told some of you,
your prayers will surely
help us all to heal.
Unbelievably  July is almost over!
August will be pretty exciting around here.

First, my youngest son and his beautiful
girlfriend will be delivering my handsome
new grandson in August!!!
 (aren't they so cute!?)
 You can be sure, I will be sharing 
many pictures of Joshua!

Next, I will be getting a big
makeover here at the ole blog.
With my one year blogiversary in August
I decided things around here
needed some freshening up.
I plan for the new look to go live
starting on August 1st
and so things could be
a bit wonky here for a few days.
Be sure to keep an eye out for her new 'do!

And finally, as I stated,
my one year blogiversary is August 24th
and I am in the process of setting
up a big giveaway to celebrate!
I'm thinking of making it a week long event,
cuz, well, you know I like to party!

 And, speaking of which,
what say we get this weeks party started?!

The most viewed post last week
was a newcomer to the party and to blogging too by the looks of it!
Welcome Veronica and Daniel
(speaking of cute couples!)
and their post showing
Grab an "I've Been Featured button", you cutie patooties -->

Now I want everyone,
to put on your party hats
and grab your red solo cups
cuz the 
You're Gonna Love It Party - Week 14
starts right NOW!

  Feel free to link up anything you created, baked, mashed,
 decorated, wrote, photographed, discovered etc.!
Anything you are just so proud of
you must share it with others!

As always, I don't require that you
be a follower
in order to link up.
 I want you to follow
Kathe With An E
because you want to.
Not because it is required.
Ohh and you can now follow me
on Facebook (Kathe With An E) 
and Twitter (@kathewithane123) too!

(Of course if you do decide to follow,
either with GFC or the newer Linky Followers,
you will be able to see on your dashboard
  exactly when the party starts each week
and, let's be honest,
you will make me smile and
I love to smile!)

As always,  I will ask that you think
about disabling your word verification too.

It makes it difficult to leave a

comment and some
bloggers, when they see 
you have it, won't bother to leave a comment.
Don't know if your blog requires word verification 
or how to remove  it?
 My blog buddy Shannon over at
wrote this great post on
And I have a new one!
I get so many
lovely comments from you all
that I can't reply to because
you are a no-reply comment blogger!
That makes me sad because, no matter
how busy life gets, I ALWAYS reply
to every single comment you leave. 

I would also love it if you would link back
in some way
so that others come and party with us. 
 Either grab the party button
or add my blog link
to your post or on your
 blog party page.
But again, it's not required. 

Only one real rule:
  I do ask that you
please DO NOT link up
  Giveaways, anything for sale,or Etsy shops.
Save those for the party on the first Tuesday each month.
Link to your specific post URL, not your main blog URL.
And don't forget to come back and mingle
with the other linkers!
Let them know you met them at

the party here.

That's it!
Link up buttercups!

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  1. Let's get this Party Started... I was sweating bullets outside so Thank you For Opening up the door! Loving the music, drinks and food.. what A party!!

    1. Umm.. just reread your post... Grandbaby!!!!??!! YEAH!!! So exciting!! Adorable Couple is right!

  2. Congrats on the new grandson! More prayers for Aurora!

  3. Kathe, with all you have going on there, a special thanks for hosting! Joining in this week. Still praying for your town and all it's residents. ((hugs)) Pam

  4. Thanks so much for hosting - and CONGRATULATIONS on your newest little one arriving so shortly!!!

  5. You will have a beautiful grand as the parents make a gorgeous couple!! Thank you for hosting and having me.

  6. Congratulations on your new baby that will be arriving soon. Yes, they are a cute couple! Thanks for hosting, Kathe.

  7. Congrats on the arrival of your grand baby in August I know you are excited.. Thank you for Hosting Kathe... congrats on your one year blog... Hugs, Cindy

  8. August is going to be an exciting time for you! :-)

    And thank you for once again mentioning word verification. It is such a pain.

  9. Mom(Kathe),
    Yes, the time is coming very close to Joshua entering the world. 37 weeks tomorrow!! He wanted us to tell you that he can't wait to meet his grandma! The nursery is a sports enthusiast's dream! Lately, we have been sitting in the room, playing with all the new noisemakers, listening to "you are my sunshine", and reading from the nursery rhyme books. I have found Mike lying on the rug and just smiling at all the hard work he put into making this nursery so perfect and special for our son. This has been the most amazing experience for both of us. The excitement has only increased....now we just need Joshua and we will begin this beautiful journey with our new family!! Thank you for all your support and love. By the way, we think of you everytime we turn his baseball light fan on upon entering his room. We love you and can't wait to see you!

    Love Always, Mike, Lisa, and Joshua

  10. Hi Kathe!

    I can't wait to see that new baby boy! I know you will post a few asap :)

    Btw, I will be a GREAT grandma on this Thursday, or maybe even sooner...

    Thanks for hosting this fun party!

    xoxo Bunny Jean

  11. My most favorite comment ever!!! I love the three of you so much! Thank you 💜

  12. Congrats on the new grandbaby! How exciting! thank you for hosting and have a fantastic day!

  13. Babies are such a blessing! Congratulations!

  14. Kathe, you certainly have so much happening in your life right now. So glad to hear you were not directly impacted by the Aurora tradegy. Keeping your city in my prayers. Keep your thoughts on that new grandson who will be arriving soon!


  15. Happy early anniversary, Cathe~ Thanks for hosting.

  16. Hi Kathe, Thanks for hosting the party. This is my first time linking up here:)
    Ps I hope you will come to my button swap party on the 1st ... I would so love to have you :)

  17. All my prayers are going to your state still. Between the fires and now this horrendous crime, it is such tough times for Colorado.

    But such happy news about your new grandson. Grandkids Rock!
    Looking forward to your new makeover, I love your blog just the way it is but I always enjoy a change or a fresh look.
    Have a great day:)

  18. Thanks so much for hosting, Kathe.

  19. Kathe I have a link to my giveaway in this post but the post is about Tiger so I hope that is OK. You know I love this party! Hugs, Linda

  20. Wow this is getting bigger and better all the time. Will be looking forward to your new make over. Congrats on the new grandson. Nothing can match that.

  21. congrats on your grandbaby news, how exciting! and also your blog news! i've been telling the boyfriend for years that i'd like a blog makeover for any occasion (bday, xmas) and he still doesn't just take the reigns. ugh!

  22. Your son and his girlfriend look adorable! Congrats! And thanks for hosting :)

  23. Hi Kathe! My first time linking up here at your party, looks like a good one. Thanks for hosting!

  24. Kathe - my first time linking up with you. I am a new follower & did add you to my sidebar. Can't wait to see what everyone shares on this link up party. Have a great day!!

  25. Thank you for hosting, Kathe. Can't wait to see your blog redesign!

  26. Congrats on the upcoming arrival and new addition to the family!!
    I'm looking forward to seeing the new 'do on your blog as well...Thanks so much for hosting and I hope you have a wonderful night!

    Aledia @ Plum Perfect

  27. Hi Kathe, I can't wait to see your new look and your new grandson! Thanks for hosting this fabulous party!

  28. Thanks for hosting another great party!

  29. Kathe, I didn't realize that we live so close to each other! I feel very upset as well about the terrible and senseless shooting. I was also very effected by the Waldo Canyon fire, as it was very close to me! Colorado has been through so much lately, but it has been so wonderful to see people pull together.

  30. Hi Kathe,
    Just dropping in to let you know that you are a feature this week at Ivy and Elephants! Please stop by and grab a featured button. You're the best!

  31. Thanks for hosting another fabulous party Kathe. I hope you have a wonderful day:)

  32. Thanks for hosting another great party. It's always so much fun! I can't wait to see the new look and pictures of your new grandson! A big congratulations!