ic Kathe With an E: August Sponsor Call

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

August Sponsor Call

With everything else that is
going on here in August
I am so excited to let
you know that I have 
signed on with
PassionFruit Ads!

I want to help promote you
your Etsy shop, your Ebay business,
whatever you need to promote,
 and it is now a kazillion times
easier for you to 
advertise with
Kathe With An E!

I currently have 6 spots available
 on my sidebar. 
You'll not only get tons of exposure,
I will also shout out praises of your
Etsy shop, EBay store or blog
via Twitter and Facebook
several times during the month!

Don't hesitate to email me with
any questions!
I cannot wait to help
you and your business grow! 

Want more info?

And to show my appreciation,
here's a picture of Max!

(don't you want to just boop that nose??) 


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