ic Kathe With an E: Well Hello Gorgeous!

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Well Hello Gorgeous!

Sooo, did you, um,
notice anything different?
Or, are you like
Mr. B when I get a new
and I will have to give you a
not so gentle nudge?

Seriously, are you loving
the new look as much as I am?

I have spent all day
just looking at
the new design of 
my blog!
I think I may wear out
the scrolly button on my mouse
before the day is over!

I Love It!

All of this was made possible 
by my new dear friend
Brooke who blogs over at 

She has worked her little
tush off for the past two 

We have never met
but she so gets me!

I gave her such vague 
responses to her questions
and yet, she was able to
come up with a 
design that, I feel, truly
captures what my blog is about
and who I am!

Brooke, I love you!
Thank you so much!
I proudly display the following

If you have been kind enough to display 
any of my buttons
anywhere on your blog,
Please change them out for the
new one(s)
that can be found here.

Don't forget to come by on Tuesday's
for the link party.


  1. Kathe I am loving that your blog is still a blogspot and not wordpress. I have lost touch with many of my favorite blogs on a daily basis that went wordress. Love the google reader, FB is not reliable, and don't want more emails!

  2. Carlene, I can get WordPress blogs on Google Reader, but not with Google Friend Connect. I think I'm in the minority, but I like Google Reader better than most of the the blog readers out there.

  3. Kathe LOVE the new look! So cute! I also add WordPress blogs to my Google Reader with out any problems. I am a faithful Google Blogger though! hugs, Linda

  4. It's gorgeous!!! Love the colors and new badge, which I switched out on the 'Link Parties & Challenges' page of my blog. See you Tuesday! ~smiles~

  5. Very nice, indeed, Kathe. Brooke did an awesome job. CONGRATULATIONS. Susan

  6. Looks great! Pretty colors. xo

  7. Looking good, Kathe. It looks so clean and professional!
    Brooke did a beautiful job. Thank you so much for linking up.
    See you on Tuesday.

  8. LOVE the new look, Kathe! Very clean and cheery!

  9. Kathe:) hope to thrift together again soon:)

  10. Love the new blog design Kathe!

  11. Kathe -- you have such a crisp, professional new look! Your blog design is indeed beautiful.


  12. Thanks for hosting, Kathe! Sounds like you are happy with your new design!


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