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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Friday Hometalk Linky Party

Welcome to the very first Hometalk Link Party hosted by 
Kathe from Kathe With An E and Nancy from My Eclectic Loft!
We are just two of the many that have fallen in love with Hometalk.

Hometalk, if you didn't know, is kinda of like Pinterest, but not LOL. 
With Hometalk, not only do you find a ton of posts to like, clip, 
and share but, you can also post, ask and give, 
dvice related to home improvement, decorating, gardening 
and DIY projects. 
Hometalk is full of homeowners, renters, home improvement pros 
and newbies.  

Hometalk IS the next great social media to connect to NOW! 


As HomeTalk junkies we have joined together to help you 
gain more followers to your Hometalk page and for you to also find new friends to follow!

Just simply link up your Hometalk profile and your name below.

This party is to help increase your Hometalk followers as well as give you new Hometalkers to follow.
If you do link your blog it will be deleted, sorry.
No worries, just be sure to link up your HomeTalk profile :-) 

And then come back and check out the other links to add to your growing list
of pages to follow for great ideas and advice! 
Grab the button below to share or add to your sidebar.  
Help us to get the word out about the fabulous world that is Hometalk!

Kathe With An E


  1. Thanks for hosting the linky, Kathe ! I am following everyone who linked before me and will come back later to check on some more :-)

  2. I am loving this Home Talk link party!

  3. Thanks, Kathe! I just added the button to my sidebar. I hadn't heard of Hometalk until you mentioned it a couple days ago!

  4. kathe! You always know how to throw a great party! I hav enot been active on Hometalk, but I do love it. Will get busy and be social!

  5. I love this party Kathe! :-)
    I'm new to Hometalk but I really love it and hoping to use it more often too! :-)

  6. Thanks for hosting this Linky Home talk Party, Home talk is my very favorite place to hang out!

  7. Thanks for hosting Kathe! (And the Hometalk follow!) I have found some great new Hometalk peeps here today - I'm a Hometalk newbie, so I'm glad you are hosting this linkup. Perfect timing!

  8. Thanks for this fun party!! I am just beginning to get involved with Hometalk so I am looking forward to following everyone!!

    Hugs, my sweet Friend!!

  9. Thank you so much for this! I had been wondering what all this hometalk business was about, but now I have a profile and am all linked up! How fun!!
    I've followed several as well. This was a great idea!

  10. Kathe, would you consider dropping by my blog and listing this great party on my link party page? I would love it if you would. That way, I can remember to drop by and so can my readers! Thanks so much
    Cynthia at Feeding Big

  11. Thanks for hosting this party Kathe, I am new (as of today) to Hometalk and this gave me a good start of people to follow. I have followed everyone before me.