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Sunday, July 7, 2013

Day Off Deals And Steals

It's been a looong time since I have shared any thrifted finds with you.
Oh, I have tried. I've been to the thrift stores numerous times over the past few months but, nothing has caught my eye or excited me enough to buy.
Plus, we are still trying to sell our house so, I don't really want to bring more in.

Then, I had this past Friday off from work for the holiday. 
If you follow me on Facebook, then you know that during the week,
I share some photos from local estate sales and ask if you'd pass or buy. 
It's a fun little game and I get to know my readers better
by seeing what they pick.
Anywho, I decided to actually go to a couple of the estate sales in person.

The first one was pretty picked over and I didn't find anything worth buying. 
On to the second one.  This one was full of nice things but most
seemed priced pretty high until I saw this
Kathe With An E #EstateSale Chess Board
Mr. B has been wanting a nice chess set for a long time. 
I texted him some photos and he responded, all in caps, "GET IT!".
Um so, I did LOL.
Kathe With An E #EstateSale Chess Board
It is in really good condition and none of the pieces
are missing which is always good! 
He just loves it and can't wait to display it once we get into a new home.

I milled around some more seeing if there was something I could find for me.
I was looking through a closet and waaaay up on top towards the back
I spied something golden and sparkly.  I pulled it down and smiled.
Kathe With An E #EstateSale Placemats
It was really hard to get a good picture but, it is a set of Gold metallic, organzay (yes I did just make that word up) placemats.
Kathe With An E #EstateSale Placemats
Yes!  12 of them for $8.00!  But wait!  There's more! 
I looked a bit harder in the closet and found these
Kathe With An E #EstateSale Napkins
Squee!!  Matching napkins!
Kathe With An E #EstateSale Napkins
Missing two but, I doubt I would ever use 12 anyway!
I went ahead and paid for my goodies and thought about going home
but, I remembered that it seems like I always want to go to Hobby Lobby
but only remember on Sundays, when they are closed. So, off I went.
Of course, Hobby Lobby, like Michael's, was already setting up their Christmas displays.  I read an article recently that said they do this because, get this,
we want them to.  I find that really hard to believe. 
What say you?  Do you want the craft stores to start putting out
holiday decor 6 months in advance? 
Well, I wasn't there to see all of that.  I was hoping for some 4th of July or Summer items to be discounted.  Yeah, not so much. 
Red, white and blue items were only 50% off, just like they probably were 2 weeks before the holiday! 
Not one to give up easily, I decided to check out some other aisles.
And boy oh boy am I glad I did!
I rounded a corner and saw this
Kathe With An E #HobbyLobby Sale Finds

The whole one side of the aisle, at least 4 deep, full of terra cotta wine coolers!
I believe they were used in the faux floral department at one time and they have gone a different route. Some were chipped or stained but,
I grabbed 3 of them.
My mind was going crazy with all of the uses I could come up with!
Centerpieces of course, wrapping with burlap or fabric, trimming them with some bling, distressing with paints...endless possibilities I tell you!!
Of course, when I posted about it on Facebook,
I was told I needed to go back and buy more! 
I am here to tell you faithful Facebook followers, that when I showed Ms K the photo, she skittered right down to the store and got herself some
and picked me up 3 more!  So, now I have 6 to play with, 
Oh, and the price? 
Sit down, 25 CENTS each!! 
Ack!  I kid you not! 
Imagine if you were planning a wedding, you could have vases for centerpieces for 20 tables for 5 bucks!!  Total!

Not as exciting but still a great deal were 2 of these yellow bottles.
Kathe With An E #HobbyLobby Sale Finds

Kathe With An E #HobbyLobby Sale Finds
Although I would have liked three of them, they only had the two
but what a nice price!
Kathe With An E #HobbyLobby Sale Finds

I'm pretty sure that none of you reading this would have paid $14.99 for one but, I'm thinking there would be an arm wrestling match right there in the store at $1.50, am I right?

My final score was something for my front garden. 
Normally $15.99 but it was marked 66% off so I had to get it!
Kathe With An E #HobbyLobby Sale Finds
I think it perfectly states my gardening style and I love the blue paisley!

So there you have it.  My fun day off of deals and steals. 
How do you think I did?

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  1. Good thing I am already planning on stopping at Hobby Lobby this week when I make an Ikea run for Kara's party.

  2. Every time someone posts stuff about Hobby Lobby I get sad! We don't have Hobby Lobby! I think I am going to have to make a weekly road trip to the closest Hobby Lobby. :)
    Great treasure hunting!

  3. Kathe we would have had a great time shopping together! Love the garden sign the best of all! I am glad you got a few more of those 25cent vases...oh so many things you can do with them!! Good shopping. You know I'm staying out of the stores except for things like a new trash can and other stuff like that! But soon I'll be shopping again, I can't help myself!


    1. Thanks for linking this thrifty post to TTF this week!

  4. Oh what nice finds! I probably would have bought a dozen of those wine coolers - for the same crafty reasons you mention! Hahahaha! That's why I've spent all weekend cleaning my craft room, and I'm still going! Gorgeous chess set, too. You'd probably better stay home now. I've told myself- "no more trips to Michaels!"
    Have a great week.

  5. Great placemats and napkins and I don't know how to play chess but it will display well.

  6. Wow, those are some fabulous deals! I love when I find awesome deals like that - and now I'm going to have to check out my local Michael's to see what I can score! Thanks for sharing!

    Kim @ {enjoy the view}

  7. Lots of great deals! Love the placemats and napkins. I don't like that all the Christmas stuff is out already. I am so not ready for it. Thanks for sharing. Have a great week.

  8. Nice chess set, and I love the place mats and napkins, your table will be gorgeous and they are easy to pack. Where do you want to move to? xo

  9. Awesome finds! Thanks for sharing.

    Allison @ www.allisonskinnyjeans.com

  10. I have one of the wine coolers in the closet so I guess I need to get it out and get creative.

  11. Hi Kathe, you did great shopping. I wish we had a Hobby Lobby by me, you really lucked out. I can't wait to see what you do with the wine coolers.
    Julie from julieslifestyle.blogspot.com

  12. I've been in our Hobby Lobby the last 3 weeks before the 4th thinking they would mark down that decor more before the holiday. The lowest it was before the holiday was 30% off, so I didn't buy anything. :)

  13. Great finds Kathe! That paisley sign would be perfect in my garden too! Score on the terra cotta wine cooler thingy. I'd really like to know who these people are who supposedly want stores decorating for Christmas during the summer... because I sure don't know any of them. lol.

  14. You've reminded me that I need to take a trip to Michael's. I never find great stuff when thrifting. Maybe I'm shopping the wrong places! You got some great deals!

  15. Oooh I loove those golden placemats!!

    Visiting from ODH :-) Glad I found your blog.

  16. Kathe, one of my favorite things on Facebook is your "Buy or Pass" game!! It's so fun. I remember when you posted a picture of the chess set. I am glad your husband got a treat. You are so right too! Those wine crocks/coolers would be an amazing find for someone throwing a wedding or any big party!!!

  17. Wish I too have a eye for things like you. Mostly when i go out thrifting I end up buying things i never use or I simple get overwhelmed by the things on display that I end up choosing the wrong stuff.

  18. You did really good. I love the Chess set it is so beautiful and the terra cotta pots, I would have snatched up some of those too. Fabulous. Thanks for joining Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty

  19. I think you hit the jackpot! Love the HL goodies, and the estate sale items! You did good!!

  20. Love your finds you lucky girl!

    Jeannie at The French Hens Nest

  21. Great find on the napkins and place mats! I had to laugh when you mentioned Hobby Lobby, I ALWAYS try to go on Sunday! It doesn't help that their adds are emailed out on Sunday... that was a poor marketing choice!

  22. Kathe you found some great deals....I LOVE a good bargain...always makes my day!

  23. I love those yellow glass bottles. they would be so pretty with flowers! I just discovered your blog from the link up and I love it! I'm your newest follower and would love for you to check mine out as well! xo


  24. You found some really nice things. I need to make a visit to Hobby Lobby this week.

  25. Oh gosh, if I had a Hobby Lobby near me, I'd have run right out and scored a load of those. You are right. The possibilities are many. Glad you were able to get some more. Lining up even 3 or so with pretty flowers on the dining room table would be adorable, especially if they were painted or adorned as you suggested. Nice find!

  26. Love all your finds!Thank you so much for sharing at Give Me The Goods Monday!
    Jamie @ Better With Age

  27. Awesome! I would've been all over those pots! Thanks for sharing at Pinworthy Projects.

  28. I plan on going to Hobby Lobby later today but I bet I don't find anything like this! I also love the chess set! It's beautiful!

  29. Good Afternoon Kathe, My word, I wish I lived in America as you seem to get so many bargains, with prices reduced to the lowest prices. I cannot imagine ever finding wine coolers, used or unused at what translates to about 15 pence, that is an amazing price.
    I love your chess pieces, my husband is a keen chess player and I showed him the pieces you had bought, he said they were really nice. Did you buy the chess board as well, as it is a really unusual chess board, as the tiles look like Mahjong tiles.
    Well, I think you did amazingly with all your treasures, you paid a wonderful price.
    Have a lovely weekend enjoying your new treasures.
    Best Wishes

  30. nice buys! the reason HL and the other craft stores start wit the holiday decorations and supplies this early is so that people who make crafts to sell or give can get started on there holiday wares. Hobby lobby doesn't just sell to people who want to decorate.

  31. Isn't it "the bomb" when you just find deal after deal!? I love the chess set! I found a great betty crocker vintage cookbook a couple of weeks ago for $4 and I am having so much fun with it. I posted it on my blog, if you wish to see.

  32. Fantastic deal on the terra cotta wine coolers!

  33. You are invited to share this with Show Your Stuff:


  34. Great finds! Those terracotta wine coolers would be super filled with sunflowers or black eyed susan for a fall party!

  35. Love those napkins! Great finds! Thanks for sharing at Project Inspired! Hope to see you at the party tonight at 8 pm EST!

  36. You had a really good day. Great finds! I really was blown away with the terracotta wine coolers...great price. Thanks for sharing at the Rock 'N Share. Blessings, [email protected]

  37. Kathe, you sure found some great deals! I love the unique chess set and those wine coolers!! Thanks for sharing on the Home Acre Hop! Can't wait to see what you share this week! The Home Acre Hop

  38. Kathe, great deal on the pots. I know you will create something fun with them. I can see the placemats in one of your wonderful tablescapes. Great find for hubby too! Thanks for sharing with SYC. Oh, and I'm with you. I died when I saw Christmas out already at Hobby Lobby. Let's at least wait till summers over for heaven's sake!

  39. Looks like you scored BIG time! I love the terra cotta wine coolers
    Thanks for sharing at Tuesdays with a Twist!
    Hope to see you again this week.


  40. The chess set is amazing! Love your finds too and the sale at Hobby Lobby! Wow! We are supposed to get one in the next town over after September - can't wait!
    I am so delighted you shared with Home and Garden Thursday,

  41. Kathe, Congrats! You'll be featured at Simple & Sweet Fridays this week. Don't forget to grab a button if you'd like. Have a wonderful weekend!