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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Office/ Craft Room For *Free*

I am just so excited to be
composing this post
from my new
office/ craft room!

You may remember this post from a few months ago
where I had cleaned up
one of the guest bedrooms.

I had hinted at the time
that I may want to
convert it back into a home office for me.

 Well, that day had come!
My "office/ craft room"
WAS the kitchen table.
I hated working on a project or a blog post
and having to clear everything off of the
table so that we could eat.

  It was not conducive to being creative at all!

Since I am currently not working,
I knew it was not in the budget
for me to go out and purchase everything I needed
for my plan to happen.
So, I broached the subject of selling the
daybed and the dresser in the spare bedroom
to Mr. B, and using the funds to 
set up a space for me to be able to work
and create.

He was totally on board!

So, I posted both items and a few other things
on Craigslist and on Mr. B's work bulletin board.

It took a few weeks but, everything sold!

Time to get to planning
and to get the project started! 

I perused Pinterest like a fiend.
Searching for small office space ideas
as the room is only 10x10.

I had a theme in mind and I found some great, 
inexpensive ideas, of course.

It took several trips to Ikea to
bring it all together but,
I am in love with my new space!

It started with a Micke desk.
I had a different desk in mind but once I saw this one,
with it's two huge drawers and narrow footprint,
and less expensive to boot,
I knew it was the one!
My laptop fits perfectly 
plus, there is plenty of room 
for a lamp I already had, a clock
that was a gift from Mr. B's mother,
a sad plant,
(it's a trimming from my summer coleus.
I always cut a piece off
and over winter it and then
use it in a pot in the spring) 
that will get bigger
and a cute little coffee cup from Ikea. 

I love that I all I have to do is to just turn my head slightly 
and be able see outside.
The window faces south so I get sunshine
and great natural lighting.

Next came the 4x4 Ikea Expedit bookshelf.

 I added a two drawer system in one of the cubes
and a cupboard door in another.
I had picked up two new knobs
from Hobby Lobby
and I need to go get one more when
they go back on sale.
I also picked up a paper holder
for my craft paper. 

I love how all of these inserts can be moved around 
as I decide what really works for me.
Some Ikea boxes, magazine holders
and pieces I already had, fill up
some of the other cubes.

I left some empty so that
I can get some other types of boxes 
for storage. 

The original plan was to include
the Expedit desk for me to use for crafting.
EXPEDIT Workstation IKEA Adjustable feet provide stability on uneven floors.
But, our Ikea was sold out of them
and didn't expect any in until after the 
first of the year. 

At first I was disappointed but then we found 
this table!
 Much cheaper and I like that it is not 
attached to the bookcase
so that I can move it around 
if needed.
I can just whip my chair around 
and do up a craft!
I added my cutting mat to the top
and purchased a paper roller
so than I can keep it covered 
if I am working with glue and/ or glitter. 

In fact, I've already
done my first craft in my new room!
 I bought a cardboard
letter K from Hobby Lobby (on sale)
and mod podged two different 
scrapbook paper prints on each side
to set on top of the bookcase.

Of course, I had to make sure
Max would have his spot in the room too.
I brought in one of his beds for him
to be able to nap comfortably 
while I work.
As you can see, he hasn't decided yet if he 
likes the changes yet.

Before, the walls were divided into two colors,
Bleguim Waffle from Olympic paint,
and an awful gray white below.
We still had some of the Belguim Waffle left
so I painted over the white, giving
the walls a clean, cohesive feel.
{it's really more yellow in real life}

My colors around the room will 
be greens, blues and yellows.
The theme is, Spring, everyday of the year! 

Total cost to redo the room to suit my needs?
I used up almost all of the cash
gained from selling off the 
previous furniture! 

I even had some money left over 
to take Mr. B out to his favorite fast food place for dinner
as a thank you for having to 
move everything out and,
for having to put everything together for me.

Future plans, when money allows,
are to take out the carpet and install
cork flooring, a new white desk chair
and new art for the walls.
 I can seriously feel the creative juices
flowing through my veins 
as I sit here typing this post!

Let's see,
"It was a dark and stormy night..."

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  1. How wonderful to have your own creative space and it looks lovely!

  2. Your office looks great, Kathe. I just got all of my decorations and craft supplies put away, and it wasn't easy. I need a craft room.

  3. How exciting! Always great to have your own space to do whatever you need. Thanks for sharing!

  4. OH Kathe it's wonderful! It's so cheery and organized - great job! Poor Max; but I bet he'll settle in just fine and will love being in there while you craft :)

  5. Your office and craft room are beautiful, and I'm sure it will be much easier for you to have your own creating space! I especially love your bookshelf - what a great and fun design!

  6. Kathe you have inspired me! I don't craft much or scrapbook anymore because I don't have a dedicated space. I really love the IKEA pieces and I am now going to try to find a place of my own to craft and create!

    hugs, Linda

  7. You are going to be so happy and creative in your new space. Great plan, great finish.

  8. Looks great. How nice to have a space that you can just close the door when other things arise, and then continue on when you have time again! Happy Crafting and Creating! Cheers.

  9. What a great room. I think your personal touches are even better that the original plan.

  10. What fun! SO nice to have your own space, eh? I converted our guest room too--gets daily use now instead of the rare times someone visits, since all our family & friends live in the area! Looking good. :)

  11. What a wonderful room for your creativity! I love everything you picked out. I have a home office, but no matter how hard I try to keep it neat, it does double duty as a closet ALL the time. Right now, it is full of Christmas purchases. I really like the clean lines of your desk, table, and shelving unit. They make the room look much bigger than 10x10! I guess that's the magic of IKEA! Thanks for sharing your new room!

  12. You will love having your own space to create. I saw those shelves at IKEA and they are great for storage. I wish I had some. My craft room is full and can't hold one more shelf.

  13. Your room is fresh and lovely, and you will be able to create amazing things in there!

  14. It looks great Kathe! I love it. I hope you enjoy your new craft/office room. I know where you will be hanging out. I know I would be! Great job!

  15. Your room is looking wonderful. How nice to have your very own space. Hugs, Marty

  16. I really like the bird prints. I hope to have a craft room/office one day, right now I've just got a table (:

  17. wonderful! I like the table being disattached!

  18. Gorgeous space. I love Ikea for the office furniture. We have the expedit and mike too!

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  20. Looks beautiful!!! I love it Kathe! Love that your sweet puppy isn't quite ready for his bed! Mine would be the same way!! I also love the spring colors... my favorite time of year!! Thanks for sharing!! Hugs!!

  21. So nice to have your own space! I would love to have my own crafting space. It's nice that it all fell within budget of your sold furniture. Congrats!

  22. Hi Kathe! You room came out beautiful. I just love IKEA and you made some great choices in furniture.

    I'm having a FACEBOOK social hop. I'd love for you to hop on over, grab a button and link up your facebook.


    Have a crazy beautiful week!

  23. I'm jealous, I wish I had a craft space to call my own.


  24. I'm planning on turning my guest room into a craft/workspace also. That Ikea shelving looks perfect for what I want, too bad the nearest one is 4 hours away. :(

  25. Dang Kathe, I luv it all so much. You did great for a new office for Free! My dog spends the day with me in the office too.

  26. Isn't it fun to have a creative space and not have to worry about cleaning up? Can't wait to see all your creations.

  27. love your dual work space, with your desk and your crafting spot. yay for free! i have things i want to sell on craigslist, but i'm afraid they won't sell or won't sell what i want for them.

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  30. Oh Kathe your 'new' room looks gorgeous! How nice to have your own crafting and work space! I'm sure you'll make good use of it!

    Thanks for linking to a Round Tuit!
    Hope you have a fabulous week!
    Jill @ Creating my way to Success

  31. Kathe,

    I love your office/craft room. So nice to make a space for your crafts.

    Yael from Home Garden Diggers

  32. It's so great to have a creative space!!!!!!! Love it! http://www.sewsweetvintage.com/search/label/Let%20it%20Snow

  33. Even though your space is small, I love it! I have a huge space, but pretty much no wall space. It makes storage SO hard. I'm hopping over from Simply Designing's link party.
    Grace @ Craftadon.com

  34. I enjoy your post. Very nice home making ideas I draw from this. Thanks much for the post.

    Garrett @TheGrowingPatch

  35. It's a lovely space, Kathe. It looks so clean and neat - just beautiful! I'm inspired!
    Merry Christmas!

  36. Kathe, Thanks for sharing this inspirational post at Simple & Sweet Fridays. What an inspiring craft room. Love it!!


  37. What a great space for all your crafting needs - perfect!
    Thanks for sharing!
    Stacey of Embracing Change

  38. I like your white and simple table

  39. Kathe, this is fantastic - I am so happy for you! LOVE IKEA and the wonderful, versatile furniture you can find - I know you're going to love spending time in your sunny yellow craft room! I have moved my blog, my party will be up as usual. You can find me at http://adelightsomelife.com. I appreciate you sharing with Home and Garden Thursday,

  40. Oh, Kathe, you scored big time AND I love that you took your Mr. out to dinner with the remaining money! I LOVE Ikea. We get a lot of our stuff from there. Thanks for sharing at Wicked Good Wednesdays!

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  42. Hi Kathe,
    I love your new office. Congratulations. Thanks so much for sharing at Wednesday's Adorned From Above Blog Hop.
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  43. Hi Kathe,
    It looks great! Thanks for the inspiration. I am in the same boat - sewing and crafting in the kitchen. But I'm getting ready to transition our office into a shared space...my poor husband knows what that really means! Love your new space!
    Jessica @ A Humble Creation

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