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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas - Trees & Wreaths

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Wreaths and Trees
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Doreen from 
House Honeys
Hi Everyone! I'm so happy to be participating in this blog hop with these fabulous bloggers! Now grab yourselves a cuppa joe and get comfortable. You're gonna love these wreaths!

A couple of weeks ago I went with my friends Cheryl and Penny to Stockbridge, Massachusetts to help out with their annual fundraiser for the Botanical Gardens. Every year for about a week the Gardens open up this large room pictured below to volunteers who decorate wreaths, garland and/or miniature houses. The Botanical Gardens provides all the supplies and a few days later the items are sold at a fundraiser.
how to make a wreath using natural materials
I was amazed and delighted with how many supplies were available to us. Far more than I can show here. And I understand there were even more but we were helping out at the tail end of their efforts so a lot of things were already used up.
  how to make a natural wreath
The theme this year was 'natural'. Lots of burlap, pine cones, bark, acorns, moss, twigs and flowers were at our disposal. After a couple of hours, Cheryl succeeded in making three wreaths (show off), while Penny and I each made two. Here's a peek at some of the wreaths that were made by us and the other ladies who were there that day.
burlap inspired wreath
burlap ribbon wreath
decorating wreaths
pinecone wreath
birch bark wreath
There's always one rogue volunteer in the crowd. Someone should have told her the theme was natural. *la la la la* Seriously, I just figured someone had to do something different. ;) I spray painted the wreath and some twigs with silver metallic paint. It only took a few minutes to dry and then I was ready to get it decorated for its Vegas debut.
silver and gold wreath
white wreath
decorating wreaths
how to decorate a wreath with natural materials
decorating a wreath with natural materials
theme decorating for a wreath
burgundy wreath
When the volunteers were done, the wreaths were brought outside and placed on a lattice wall they had set up. There were a LOT more than you see here and they were all so pretty! I understand that for the fundraiser they sell for anywhere between $40-$100 each.
decorating wreaths
A quick look at some of the other pretties made in the days prior to our visit.
How cute is this? A little hobbit house :).
bark houses
I don't know about you, but I'm really bad at making bows. Penny, on the other hand, is a wiz. Did I mention she worked at a floral shop for many years prior to retiring? So I convinced her to give us a quick tutorial on how to make a bow because let's face it, a wreath without a bow is like Bonnie without Clyde, Ricky without Lucy, Mutt without Jeff, Ralph without Alice...ok, I'm showing my age here so I'll shut up.
So grab yourself a wired ribbon for starters. Wired ribbons are a hundred times easier to work with, and the final results are always prettier. Decide on how long you want the tail to be and pinch the ribbon tightly where the center will be as shown.
how to tie a bow for a wreath
Make a loop going upward, pinch, then make the same size loop going downward. It's important to keep the loops as close as possible to each other in size.
how to tie a bow
Continue reversing the direction of the loops and be sure to squeeze your fingers tightly around the center. DON'T LET GO!
how to tie a bow
Three loops on each side are a good place to stop. You can do more or less, but a total of six looks nice for most applications.

When you're done making the desired number of loops, twist the center tightly and tie a floral wire really tight around the center, leaving enough wire exposed to secure the bow to the wreath.
how to tie a bow how to tie a bow
It took me a while to get it right the first time. About 20 minutes! Penny advises to take your time with it. Rushing will only lead to frustration.
how to tie a bow
Don't you think this fundraiser is a great idea? I could imagine a bunch of craft/diy bloggers gathering in a space like this with all those materials at their disposal. What a hoot that would be! It was a fun day and I'm looking forward to doing it again next year.
So, which wreath is your favorite? Can you guess which other one was mine? How about Cheryl's? Or Penny's? Remember...Penny is pretty much a professional, and in my opinion her wreaths have that 'decorator' touch. So, whadaya' think?

Now, it's your turn!
We can't wait to see your Christmas mantels and tablescapes! 
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 Life on Lakeshore Drive



  1. Wow, what a beautiful assortment of wreaths. Happy to finlly link up, Kathe. Thanks for the bow tutorial, too. xo

  2. Kathe the wreaths are gorgeous and I can't begin to guess who's is who's. I am so excited to be linking up my 'Tiger' tree this year! hugs, Linda

  3. Lovely wreaths! Especially yours! Great decorating inspiration!

  4. I love all of the wreaths. I can't guess which one was yours.