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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Guest Post With Rachel - Flipping The Page

 While I am off for my son's wedding, I will be sharing posts from some of my blogging buddies.  

Today I am so happy to introduce you to Rachel from
Flipping The Page

Rachel is just one of the four sisters that blog at 
Flipping The Page.
The sisters grew up on a farm with plenty of outside space to play but,
their true love then and now is books!
Not just reading them but, using them for craft projects.
Today Rachel shares with us a fun project 
for Thanksgiving.
Thanks Rachel! 

Hi, I’m Rachel (commonly known as Twin #1) from Flipping The Page. My sisters and I post book reviews, keep readers up to date on new book releases, and do book-related crafts. Come visit us and tell us what you’re reading!

Does anyone remember those days spent at the “Kids table” for family dinners? When I was a teenager, I felt like that was a punishment. I wanted so badly to sit with the adults at the big table. Now that I’m an adult, I’m starting to think the kids table was where the action was at.

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, now is the perfect time to start on those turkey day table decorations. And I’m going to show you how to make these darling turkeys for the “Kids Table.” Also, this is a perfect craft to do along with your kids or grandkids too!

Materials needed:

1. Colored paper (brown, orange, red, and yellow)

2. A book you won’t mind ripping apart (or one you pick up at a thrift store)


4. Adhesive (glue, double-sided tape, it’s up to you)

5. Spray paint (optional)


First I took apart a book. I chose one that was inexpensive and that I had already read. I ripped off the covers and then carefully tore out pages.

Next, roll the pages at an angle and tape them. They should end up looking like this:

At this point you can spray paint them if you want your turkey to be more colorful. I chose red and brown spray paint.

While the pages (or feathers) are drying you can cut out your pieces for the turkey body. Since I’m not very good at free hand cutting, I let the Easter bunny help me out.

I used these Easter eggs to trace out the body and head. Then I cut out the feet and beak.
With all the pieces glued or taped down, the turkey should look like this:
Now back to the feathers. Fanning them out, tape the bottoms together and then tape them to the back of your turkey.
Then tape another piece of paper (I used another piece the shape of the turkey’s body) on the back and using a piece of cardstock you can create a backing so that your turkey can stand on its own.
Now the kiddos and the cool adults will have some sweet decorations at their Thanksgiving table.
We’d love to see your renditions of our book turkeys. Swing on over to Flipping The Page and say hi. And a big thank you to Kathe for letting us share this tutorial with you today!

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