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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Challenging Myself/ Express Yourself with Revlon

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Revlon for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.
Being a woman of a certain age,
I'm not one to wear much make up,
I'm pretty conservative on the colors of makeup I use,
but I’m joining the
because, well no matter your age,
playing with makeup and trying new things is fun!
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Here is a run down of the Revlon products I tried.
Eye shadow
These eye shadows are really out of
the normal realm for me but I was game to try them out.
eye shadow
I first used the the eye primer which is good for brightness 
and making the eye lids smooth so the eye shadow lasts longer without creasing.
I started with the charcoal as liner,
then the aqua blue
(which looks green on me)
and then the white under my brow.
I've gotta say,
I kinda the dramatic effect they gave my eyes!
Mr. B thought we were going out on the town!
I love to paint my toenails during the summer.
Revlon nail polish promises, and delivers,
a gel-like shine (when used with the Revlon base and top coat).
I usually go with a more summery pink but
I lovelovelove the blue!
I've had the enamel on for about 3 weeks
now and not one chip!
And I'm a barefooted kind of gal!
I'm more of a neutral or touch of color lipstick wearer and
I have been looking for a perfect red lipstick for my skin tone. 
The Revlon Super Lustrous red lipstick goes on smoothly,
has long lasting color and it made my lips feel softer and smoother.
I'm going to try and wear the lipgloss
everyday because I like the shine!
I'm going to continue to experiment and use these fabulous products.
In the meantime, why don't you join me in the
All these products are available in your neighborhood drug store!
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  1. Looking good Kathe! That is a good red on you. Love the toes too! I may have to check it out! Have a good day my friend!

  2. Hey Kathe!I was about to post something similar! I have been really impressed with the eyeshadow! Cute toes! I might have to pick up that color!

  3. I don't wear much makeup but it is fun to dress up now and then!!

  4. I'm sort of a neutrals gal, but that doesn't mean I like the bare look. I like my mmakeup. I also like a little shine at the lips. That color you showed is really pretty.

    I do not do blue toes. My feet are ugly so I try not to draw attention to them. LOl

  5. I'm not a blue polish person either. But that's what's in!

  6. You rock that blue nail polish! haha Thanks for linking up with Friday Chaos! Hope to see you back next Friday to link up again! Have a wonderful weekend. :D

  7. LOVE the blue nail polish!!! It is so gorgeous and bright! Hope you have a great weekend:)


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