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Friday, August 17, 2012

August Sponsor Spotlight - Ethereal PLUS What I Love

I am just beside myself with
glee that I get to introduce
to you one of my August sponsors

Ethereal PLUS what I Love
Francine is the mother of
two beautiful daughters and
one handsome son.
She is joined in her adventures 
by her loyal and kind man, Nathan.

Francine is a woman after my own heart.
She loves the vintage look and
is pretty frugal and crafty
when it comes to achieving
that look for her home.

And what a lovely home she has
From her living room
To her kitchen
 To the bathroom!

As I said, she is pretty
crafty too when it comes
to getting the look she wants.
Doesn't this look like it
came right out of a fancy, expensive
How about these bottles from
the hardware store that
now, thanks to Francine's creativity,
look as though they once
belonged to your Great Great Aunt?
All done with a little paper and glue,
and just a touch of coffee!!

Francine also has
where she sells items
such as vintage keys and
grain sack pillow covers.

A HUGE thank you to Francine for sponsoring Kathe With An E. 
Now go on over and show her some love!
For information on how you can sponsor
Kathe With An E


  1. Oh my goodness, what a beautiful place she has - and the way she decorates is lovely! Love all the white and how clean it looks. I wonder if Bridger and Misty could live in a white house. lol I'll stop over and say hi.

  2. Hey..who took a picture of my house and didn't tell me? Oh shoot, I just woke up from that dream. It was good while it lasted. LOL

    What a beautiful home she has!

  3. What beautiful items Francine offers, and I love the vintage-look bottles with the flowers in them--so pretty. Thank you for liking Minerva's Garden on Facebook--I do appreciate it!


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