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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Sponsor Love

I L.O.V.E. introducing you
to my sponsors!
It is so fun 
 sharing such 
awesome people and their shops!
This weeks sponsor is, 
yet again, 
a blogging buddy!
Please give a warm welcome to
Judy from 
Cranberry Morning
Judy has an amazing talent
for making handmade soaps
and sells them at her online shop

 All of her handcrafted soaps are made with only 
the finest quality oils and botanicals. 
No animal products are used. 
Once your skin has been treated to the 
gentle luxury of quality Soap'n'Such soaps, 
you will never again want to go back to the 
typical store-bought soaps which contain chemicals 
that can dry and irritate the skin.

Some of the soaps currently available are
 This delicious sounding 
 Judy writes,
 "Fresh Melon Sorbet will bring a luscious, 
uplifting freshness to your morning shower or evening bath."
Perfect for cleaning up
after a day spent
out in the garden!

Or how about
 "This all-natural, homemade baby soap 
is a gentle soap with a pale yellow hue 
that comes from the calendula-infused olive oil."
As a gardener I have heard
about the healing powers of the 
calendula flower!

Keep this next one next to your sink
Use this soap to eliminate
the odors that remain on your hands
after dicing onions or garlic...
And, it smells like coffee!
Oh. Em. Gee. Yum!!
And these are just a few of the many soaps
Judy carries at 
Each  of Judy's soaps 
is approximately
4.5 ounces.
Each bar is hand cut so
there may be some variation in size
and color.
Which to me,
just adds to their charm!
And of course, pricing and shipping
is so reasonable.

What a delightfully elegant
gift these would make for someone
Or, for yourself!
I know I plan on treating myself to several bars!
So, please go and visit
Judy at
and see for yourself
what wonderful soaps 
she hand crafts!

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  1. Those soaps look fantastic! nice blog, am following you now :)

  2. These soaps would be a great gift idea.

  3. I can almost smell the wonderful scents from these soaps!


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