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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Kathe, Where Do You Keep It All?

Recently several of you
have asked me where I keep
all of my tablescaping

Well, it just so happens
my sweet tablescaping buddy,
Alma, over at
is celebrating her third
(Happy Happy Alma!)
and is hosting a
link party!

Perfect timing for me to 
respond to you
and for me to share
where I stash the goods!
Like any dishoholic
"props" are kept all over the house.
I'll share with you by levels of our home,
starting with the basement.

For the most part,
the basement is finished.
Mr. B did all of the work 
and we have a bar (he built the bar!!), 
a home theater with a 100" screen,
a bathroom and, the unfinished portion,
a storage room.

The storage room is where 
I keep most of my dishes,
various table decor items, 
holiday decor, except for most of my  Christmas bins.
I have so much Christmas stuff in bins
they are stored up in the rafters in the garage.

If you are a professional organizer
or someone that likes things
organized in a logical manner,
you may find some of the 
upcoming photos too graphic
for you.  
You have been warned...

Starting from left to right here is 
what my tablescaping storage looks like in the basement.
(thank you Alma for stating it doesn't have to 
be pretty or organized!)
Sorry the pictures are so dark but, it is a basement.
This shelving unit holds most of my vases
and faux flowers as well as some
larger items.

This shelf unit is where
most of my dishes are kept
as well as more vases 
and, again, larger items.
I recently rotated most dishes I have used
from the buffet upstairs to this shelf
and put ones I haven't used in the buffet.
We shall see if that means less trips
up and down the stairs for me.
These bins hold all of my seasonal holiday items.
Easter, Valentine's Day, Fall, Halloween etc.
I am really trying to keep
all holidays, with the exception of
to one bin!
Easter takes up two, Fall takes up 3 so, you can see my
system doesn't always work.
I have (fuzzy) bins with placemats,
crystal, silverplate, candles etc.
All are marked to make it easier for 
me to find what I need for particular tables
I want to set (haha).

This corner, far right in the storage room,
houses all kinds of miscellaneous items.
Items I haven't gotten bins for yet,
things that are too big for bins,
a larger bin with my Candlewick collection, etc.
This space needs work 
(as does the whole storage room, I know I know).

There is a small cabinet over by our craft table
that I keep most glasses in.
It has a drawer
that I have stored some of my flatware
and votive candle holders.
To the left of this is Mr. B's
home brew supplies.
Mr. B is so organized!
All on two shelving units.
All easy to see and get to.
I did not include photos of his space.
I didn't want to confused you with
his neatness and my clutter.
I can imagine his blood pressure 
goes up a notch or three
when he sees my use of this space.

Now we head upstairs to
the main living area.
You have seen my buffet before.
I LOVE my buffet!
It has two large cabinets
and three deep drawers.
Lots of room to store more
tablescaping stuff!
This is the right side where I 
have some dishes and
the coffee set that goes with the
set of china Mr. B gifted to me.
The left cabinet with 
even more dishes and
miscellaneous items.
The bottom drawer holds
Some serving pieces.
It looks pretty empty!
I think I need to find more to fill it with (grin)!
The middle drawer needs to be cleaned out.
It seems to be the junk drawer
of the buffet. 
Nothing makes sense in this drawer.
Frames, pencils, random plates...
 The top drawer is where all of 
the napkin rings are kept.
I have them all in baggies.
I'm thinking if I cleaned out that 
middle drawer I could 
organize these better...
This is the china hutch
in the kitchen eating area.
I usually have it decorated for the 
holiday or season
but I have been failing at this lately.

The buffet has two drawers and
a large cabinet at the bottom.

I keep more candles
and candlesticks in the drawers.
Not very neatly I might add.

 The bottom cabinet
holds 3 of my flatware boxes,
my Hazel Atlas luncheon sets, some Candlewick pieces,
my Marilyn Merlot collection
and miscellaneous decor items.

On to the top level of the house.
The main guest bedroom,
(we call it the green room,
cuz, y'know, we are all fancy and stuff,
and well, cuz the walls are green)
is where I keep my table linens.
The closet runs the length of the far wall.

 I use hanging shoe
holders for my napkins. I purchased the hangers
at Ikea for CHEAP!
I really do normally try to
keep the napkins coordinated by color
and folded.

I recently purchased 4
pants hangers, two on each side of the napkins,
for my tablecloths.
I can fit 5-8 tablecloths and/ or runners on each one
I clearly need to get more.
I have two under bed storage bins
stashed under the guest bed
that I use to keep my chargers in.
I need one more as, until I do,
I have shoved some chargers
randomly under the bed.
So, if you come stay with us,
know that you have limited space in the closet
and, I may need to crawl under your bed.
That screams welcome now doesn't it?

Off to my final hiding storage space.

We have a second guest room,
this one is called the budgie room,
cuz I have pictures of birds on the walls.
This room is small, it has a small closet,
a daybed and a dresser.

One drawer of the dresser holds
And the other holds my, not so neatly folded,
doilies and spare burlap.
The rest of the drawers hold
scrapbook paper, more picture frames
and other items I am not certain of.
I didn't open those drawers to take pictures.
They frighten even me!

Now, what didn't you see?
I didn't show you the kitchen cupboards but, 
we do have our everyday
dinnerware, Corelle, some more Candlewick pieces
and our everyday water goblets in them.

I have to tell you,
this post has really opened my eyes!
Taking the photos and then
seeing them posted here
makes me realize that on the next
rainy day, when I can't be out gardening,
I really really need
to be doing some organizing!
I mean, after I am done setting
up a tablescape that is!

Click here to see where else I may be partying this week.

Don't forget to come by on Tuesday's
for the link party.

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  1. Kathe, I am so impressed with your organization! I have tried so hard to store things "seasonally" but just can't seem to do it. Great idea for storing napkins! I may have to steal that one! Maybe our stuff only looks disorganized to us, because I have been very impressed so far! Mine looks the worst! Thanks for sharing! I know it wasn't easy!

  2. Wow - so many goodies!! You have great storage areas and I so enjoyed peeking in your drawers and cabinets! Thanks for sharing - I realized that I need to go buy more plastic containers!!

  3. Great organizational skills Kathe in getting all of your stuff in perfect places. Guess it is a battle all of us "tablescapers" face.

  4. Nice to let us in on your secret places for storage. Storage is a big issue when you have an antique booth too. You buy for the booth, you buy for yourself and then when the booth is too full, you have to store it somewhere.

  5. Holy Dishes Girl! WOW!!! Look at at those Dishes! :) You are so well organized Kathe- wow..I am still in awe at all your goods and how well you keep them stashed! Hope your Shopping trip was a great one today!

  6. Wow, you have a really wonderful linen closet!! Thank You for sharing your spaces with us and I hope you have a wonderful night!

    Aledia @ Plum Perfect

  7. Kathe, you've got some wonderful storage place. Love all of those bins and you actually have a place to put them. I like the way you store your linens in the shoe cubbies!
    Thanks for sharing all of your secrets.
    Be a sweetie,
    shelia ;)

  8. You have wonderful storage.. loving how organized you are. You were so brave to share! happy weekend.. xo marlis

  9. Hi, Kathe. As I read your post I was thinking that you were getting more and more ready to shift things around, and yep! That's what you'll be doing when the rain comes! I think those of us who are nesters never get done shuffling things around--how can we, if we keep buying things?! LOL Thanks for sharing and giving us ideas.

  10. Wow! That is a lot of dishes/tablescaping supplies! I think its pretty well organized! I love the hanging shelves for napkin storage! Good idea!

  11. Kathe, Thanks for sharing! It makes me feel better knowing I'm in such good company! Pam

  12. Kathe I loved seeing your storage space! We store things a lot a like you and I! Still I keep looking at mine thinking it should be MORE organized. You will stay healthy with all those trips up and down the basement stairs (it's what I tell myself also :)....)
    big hugs, Linda

  13. Wow, that is some serious storage and organization you've got going on! Our home is small, 1929, and they didn't believe in closet back in those days. I so envy yours. Good exercise! Thanks for showing us and for sharing your creative inspiration over at Sunday's Best!.

  14. Thanks for showing it all! You have gotten pretty creative with your storage. I like the shoe holders for linens. I used one in my storage closet for small decor but now you've given me ideas!

    Robin Flies South

  15. Well Kathe, it's good to find someone who has more than I do. lol! Hey girl, you have it organized very nicely. I have about filled up all of my cupboards with dishes. Hmm, I do have an unfinished basement.

  16. Oh my goodness Kathe! So amazing to see all of your stash!!

    Thanks for linking to a Round Tuit!
    Hope you have a fabulous week!
    Jill @ Creating my way to Success

  17. Great storage solutions. I wish I had a closet I could devote to just linens.

  18. I'm not sure how you could be any more organized. Impressive system for keeping your goodies in order. So many beautiful dishes. Thanks for inviting us for a peak. Cherry Kay

  19. Aha!!!!!! I KNEW you had a lot of great things around the house!!! Hooray for you! Isn't it fun? I LOVE your idea for napkin storage! Very clever! I currently have mine in stackable drawers that I keep on a shelf in the master bedroom closet, but it's getting to be more and more dangerous to pull those down. With a torn rotator cuff on BOTH shoulders, my upper body strength isn't what it used to be. I may have to try to carve out some closet space...although that will mean throwing out CLOTHES because all the other closets are occupied with the 150+ linens I have. Oh, well...I can start a fad of naked tablescaping! :-) Great idea on the napkin storage, though. I'll keep that idea filed away in my pea brain!

  20. Kathe, I so enjoyed looking at all your pictures of how you have organzied and stored all your dishes and other "things". I thought that I was the only one with a dish obsession! I have things tucked away just like you do. I know that when it comes to the point that I am storing tea cups in my underware drawer, I will have to do something about it!!! Thanks for sharing...Hugs from Carol aka... the Tea Queen of the North.

  21. Hi Kathe,
    You have quite the collections. Isn't it amazing how much we accumulate? Napkin storage idea is great! You are very brave to post it all. You can get rid of those birds in your background.

  22. If only my husband could see this post, he would realize that I am not the only one that has "stuff" (I call it treasure) hidden everywhere. Thank you so much for sharing your stash hiding places.

  23. You have a lot but you do a good job keeping it organized. My mom likes to decorate for all kinds of holidays (even things like St. Patrick's Day) so I grew up with her things in all kinds of spaces.

    I featured one of your posts in today's It’s a Wrap Link Party at Artful Rising


  24. Kathe,
    You do have a lot of tablescaping supplies, but I think you are very organized. I bet you know where every single thing is. I keep my tablecloths on hangers, too, but I've been inspired to corral the napkins.

  25. You are so organized, I can't even begin to get my things that organized. You do have a lot, but you use it all so beautifully. Love the shoe holder for napkins, great idea. Thanks tons for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty

  26. Is Organized your middle name?? Gosh I wish I stored all my stuff that well!

    Thanks so much for sharing this at The DIY Dreamer... From Dream To Reality!!

  27. I'd say you are very organized. I'm impressed! I need more storage space, but I also organized holiday things into bins. Like you, it's difficult to restrict it to just one. I'm not at all successful in that department. Thanks for sharing your idea.

  28. So fun to see where you keep it all!!! Thanks so much for being a part of blog-a-versary.

    - The Tablescaper

  29. Kathe, it seems that more storage space is always needed especially for bloggers. You have your "stuff" stored neatl out of sight. Thanks for coming to Your Cozy Home Party.

  30. That is a LOT of stuff and a lots of different storage areas. Like Tara, I'm sort of speechless. It would take me forever to sort out what to put on the table. But I just know, you know exactly where everything is, right?! Just like my mom..

  31. Actually most of your stuff looked pretty organized. I envy the shelving units. It's really a necessity for blogging!

  32. You are the organizing queen! Love it, thanks for sharing on my party!

  33. WOW!!! you know how to make a place for everything and everything in its place.... Thanks so much for linking up to the ALL STARS BLOCK PARTY....thats awesome!


  34. It looks like you're pretty organized already. I love that buffet! Thanks so much for linking up at All Star Block Party!


  35. Wow! You have quite the collection! Impressive how you make use of every little space! :-)

  36. You have demonstrated why I am currently only shopping in my home. I love the way you organize in the basement. Like the fact that a lot of your things are visible. The visible things get used. I live in a Cape Cod so I have three second floor attics of considerable size or so I thought until I gradually filled them. I have blanket chests and trunks in every room to store the rotating seasonable collections, but it has gotten out of hand. I am going to the bare walls and reorganizing everything. You give me hope that this can be done!

    Distressed Donna Down Home

  37. It is nice that you have so many nice places to store your collections! Looks great.

  38. Wow! You are super organized! That's great. Thanks for linking this to Things I've Done Thursday!

  39. You have so much good stuff and kept it well and organized! I liked the idea of hanging shoes for table napkins.
    Thanks for sharing your organization skills at Passion Parade.
    Have a wonderful day!


  40. Wow! Some super organizing there! It's a good thing I don't have the amount of items you do. It would definitely NOT stay organized.:)

  41. Well now I don't feel so bad about having an Early American Prescut collection in my bedroom dresser drawers :D but hey... you are having fun with all that stuff and that is a good reason to have it!~Ames

  42. I have wondered this very thing! Oh my gosh. I know I would not be nearly as organized!

  43. So happy to have found your lovely blog thru Passion Parade Friday! I think you are just super-organized! Wow, you have lots and LOTS of goodies. Had to giggle at the thoughts of you going underneath the bed in front of guests!

    Please come visit me when you get a chance ~ I'm hosting my annual WEDDING BLOG PARTY and there is even a little bridal giveaway!

    Big TX Hugs,

  44. Well Kathe, I think you have done very well organizing and find good storage places for all your tablescaping items. It is time for me to go through a lot of mine and cull back some. Thank you for sharing with us at TTF this week! Have a great day.

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  51. Kathe, This is amazing! You have mad organization skills! No wonder you can make such amazing tablescapes.

    Thanks so much for stopping by Creative Thursday last week. I couldn’t do these parties without you. Can’t wait to see what you link up this week. Have a great week.

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  56. Well Kathe, as someone who HAS asked you this question, it was fun to get such an in-depth answer. Holy organization! I just wish you lived next door so I could borrow some of it once in a while. He he. Thanks so much for sharing on Fabulous Friday at Faith, Trust, & Pixie Dust.

    Warmly, Michelle

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  58. Hi, Kathe !! It's Theresa from over @ Shoestring! Thank you so very much, sweetheart, for sharing my Bread Pudding (Anxiously Awaiting Fall) over on your Facebook page. SO much appreciated!! Hugs and Thanks from your Bloggy Friend, Theresa.

  59. Kathe you are sooo organized! I have basement storage for all of my Goodwill stuff but I swear my husband is ready to call Hoarders!!