ic Kathe With an E: You're Gonna Love It Tuesday - #5

Monday, May 21, 2012

You're Gonna Love It Tuesday - #5

 Well Hello There!
Week 5 already?
Where is the time going?

Were you able to get anything done
this past weekend?
Saturday was a cool and rainy day
so, I caught up on laundry, threw on
a pot of my easy pork chili,
and made a rhubarb pie.
Who lives the exciting life?
Yeah, not me.

I made up for it on 
Sunday though.
Sun was a shining,
temps were just right
and I finally got all,
well most, of my annuals planted!
I'll share some pictures once they get established
and I am sure the pair of doves
aren't going to make a nest in any of them.
So far I have had to shoo them away from
the hanging plants on the front porch
and the wreath on the front door (sigh).
What can I say?  I have an inviting home LOL.

Enough of my whining!
Let's get to partying!
We had another tie for most viewed last week!

 Shannon from Cozy Home Scenes
shared her awesome gluten-free flower-pot cupcakes.
Am I the last to know that 
you can buy gluten-free cake mix??
 And Jeanetteann at Heirloom Treasures
showed off her
lovely vintage tin collection and thrifty finds.
Jeanetteann, let me know if you need my address 
so you can send that Royal Albert tin to me ;)
Ready for Week 5?

The rules are the same:

Feel free to link up anything you created, baked, mashed,
 decorated, wrote, photographed, discovered etc.!
Anything you are just so proud of
you must share it with others!

I still will not be requiring you
to be a follower
in order to link up.
 I want you to follow
Kathe With An E
because you want to.
Not because it is required

(Of course if you do decide to follow,
either with GFC or the newer Linky Followers,
you will be able to see on your dashboard just
when the party has begun each week
you will make me smile and
I do love to smile!)

As always,  I will ask that you think
about disabling 
your word verfication too.
It makes it difficult to leave a
comment and some
bloggers, when they see 
you have it, won't bother to leave a comment.
I usually use my IPad to visit you all
and the auto correct kills me
when I try to type in the "words" required. 
And did you know,
one of the best ways to meet new bloggers
is through comments?

I would also love it if you would link back
in some way
so that others come and party with us.
Either grab the party button
or add my blog link
to your post or on your
blog party page.
But again, it's not required. 

Only one real rule, I do ask that you
please DO NOT link up
 anything for sale, etsy shops or giveaways.
Link to your specific post URL instead of your main blog URL 
(no limit on the number of linkies, so add as many as you like!)
So c'mon!  
Let's get the party started!
Oh wait!  
Did you enter 
I am giving away a Ramsign sign!!
Well then, 
link up your post here
and then head over 
and get entered! 
It ends on Wednesday May 23rd!
Now, let the fun begin!

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  1. Cute flower pot cupcakes! I just today noticed you had this party Kathe! I am not a fan of that new reader on our dashboard. I am missing a lot of stuff in it. Thanks for hosting!

  2. Yep- I am here--- and the HOTTEST Party Ever! Thanks for Hosting Kathe- love those cute features up there! Always a good time when your hosting!!

  3. Hi Kathe...Thanks for the feature and for hosting. The GF cake mix is usually on the top or bottom shelf with the regular cake mix or on another shelf with the GF free. It's easy to miss if you aren't looking for it. The recipe can be made with regular cake if you don't need GF food. Have a great night!

  4. Thanks Kathe! Wow, doesn't that peach tea look amazing!

  5. oops, I linked with you in my post but when I came over to link up with you here, I see you don't want giveaways to link.
    I will go back and remove your link.
    Have a good week.

  6. Hi Kathe! Thanks again for hosting! And Oops! So sorry I linked up my curb appeal revamp again .. didn't realize I did it last party! Have a great week!
    xo Jessie

  7. Hi Kathe! Thanks so much for stopping by and for the sweet comment. Congrats on getting your flowers done! We finally went and got our annuals this past weekend, but didn't have time left in the day for me to get them planted. It's rained the last 2 days, but tomorrow is supposed to be better. Fingers crossed! Thanks for hosting the party today and inviting me to link up. Hope you have a relaxing rest of the week! ~Mary

  8. Hi there, I just found you blog from a blog hop! And, to my surprise, you have a linky party, which I just linked up with. Cool! You are on my "list" now.

    And...I just became your newest follower, yay! Would so appreciate if you would reciprocate and follow back. Thanks so much!

    By the way, I am a "fellow" gardener myself. I find gardening so therapeutic!

  9. Hi Kathe, Thank you for hosting the party.

  10. Hi Kathe, so very nice to meet you. I am your newest follower and i have joined your fun party. Shannon's cupcakes are wonderful and I always appreciate vintage collections. I hope you come and visit.

  11. Sorry I am a day late and a dollar short for this party! I have been kind of dingy lately, really busy, and just forgot. I will try not to be so rudely tardy next time!

  12. Thans for the invitation to link up! Looking forward to getting to know you :-)

  13. Kathe,
    Thanks for hosting! Have a great holiday weekend :)

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