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Friday, May 11, 2012

I'm Just Giving It Away!

Free Ad Space that is!
Talk about more bang for your buck....how about zero bucks?  
I'm giving away some FREE ad slots on
Kathe With An E
for the whole month of June!

Here's the rundown:
I have six slots available. 
The giveaway is for a  
125x125 button 
(that you supply) 
on my sidebar for one month!
The first six businesses or etsy shops
 to email me by May 25, 2012, 
providing your website url, 
a short description on what you offer 
and a non blinking button, 
in html format if possible, 
will receive the FREE month! 

Keep in mind, my readers are very important to me, 
and I will only share things with them that I support or believe in. 
My reputation is also important to me, 
and my readers trust and value my opinion. 
I reserve the right to use my discretion
on what is allowed on my blog.

The best part? 
There is no obligation for further advertising! 
My rates are already pretty low so you just might want to continue!
currently reaches between 
15,000-25,000 page views per month. 
It varies on the day, and the parties I join. 
In April 2012 I began a weekly link party, 
which has also helped to raise my monthly page views.

if you are a business or an Etsy shop, 
looking to gain more exposure, 
or you know someone who is, 
how about some  

Shoot me an email right now!
I am looking forward to working with you!

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  1. That's AWESOME of you, Kathe!! :)

  2. Hi Kathe: Thanks for your sweet visit and comment on my blog. Loved having you stop by. Oh wow, that Lilac Festival sounds great.

    I sell things on eBay and have a button to my items on my sidebar. Does that count? Nice of you to offer free ad space.

    Take care, and please come back to visit again. Susan