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Monday, April 20, 2015

Cleaning Under The Kitchen Sink With #PalmoliveMultiSurface

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Winter hasn't left Colorado yet!  We got some snow & rain & fog last week which kept me in the house for a few days. I figured since the weather was so yucky, it was the perfect time to do something I have been dreading forever!  Cleaning under the kitchen sink. 
It's also a great time to let you in on a new product, Palmolive® Multi Surface dish soap, that I found at my Walmart a few weeks ago.
It can be found at your Walmart in with the other dish soaps in the cleaning aisle.

What I really like about it is, not only does it clean the dishes but, Palmolive® Multi Surface eliminates 99.9% of bacteria (*staphylococcus aureus, Salmonella enterica and E. coli ((157:H7)) from dishes and hard non porous kitchen surfaces. It also can be used to clean almost all of your kitchen surfaces.  You can use it on countertops, stovetops, floors, tables, anywhere dirt, grime and germs are hiding. It’s easy to use, rinses easily and is a huge time saver. I love having one product that multi-tasks! 
On to my least favorite task. Are you like me and tend to "collect" cleaning products? More than half of what you see in the before photo above are almost empty!  Why is it so hard to just use them up and move on? This "woman of a certain age" got down on her hands and knees and pulled everything out from under the sink and moved most them to the sink area in the laundry room and under the bathroom sinks where they really belong. 
Once it was emptied out I could see that the shelf liner the previous home owner had put down as coming up.  I pulled it all up and then I saw this:

Yuck!  I am not sure what it was but it wasn't staying! 
Following the directions on the back of the bottle, I poured some of the Palmolive® Multi Surface Dish Soap in the sink with hot water and attacked that grody stuff!
Much better!  And since the Palmolive® Multi Surface eliminates 99.9% of bacteria (*staphylococcus aureus, Salmonella enterica and E. coli ((157:H7)) from dishes and hard non porous kitchen surfaces, I KNOW it's clean!
I figured this was a good time to pretty up this dark hole so, I put down some green foamy shelf liner I had picked up at the dollar store some time ago.
I had to cut it a bit around the pipes but it was not hard to do.
Lastly, I put back only what I really use in the kitchen. I am in love with how clean & uncluttered it is now! I can reach under the sink and grab just what I need, no having to get down on my hands and knees again! Woot! And the Palmolive® Multi Surface is right there, front & center! Easy to get to for those germy cleaning jobs!  I highly suggest that you go and get yourself a bottle to try out!  It cleans almost everything and kills that nasty bacteria too! 
Now tell me, what's on your nasty clean up list?


  1. I love that this is antibacterial! I use dish soap and borax to wash my floors, but in the winter I like to use a germ killer. This is perfect!

  2. Looks good and (almost) makes me wanna get under my sink. I bet it would do a great job on my patio tables.

  3. I really need to do this! Under my sink is a scary dark place I have been avoiding! I just need to do it and get rid of a lot of bottles. Having a dish soap that can clean surfaces will help eliminate the number of products needed! #client

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