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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Back to School Crafts with Duck Tape® #sponsored

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Walmart for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

Schools here have been in session for a few weeks now.  
I sure do miss shopping for school supplies with my sons! 
Especially now with the internet and Pinterest. So many great ideas out there that I could have sent them on their way with some crafty and unique supplies for their book bags and lockers!

One product that I would have used would have been Duck Tape®. 
Of course, they didn't have all of the cute patterns back then that they do now! 
One of my favorite craft supply stores, Walmart, has a huge selections of patterns and sizes of Duck Tape®.   
It is no longer the dull grey tape, it has become an art form in itself. 
Just in case you didn't know all the amazing things you can do with Duck Tape®, listen up! You can use Duck Tape® to create, embellish and decorate! 
You can make things for teachers as welcome gifts! 
You can make a custom name plate for your children’s desk or classroom cubby. 
Older students can cover their books in paper bags and embellish/decorate/customize with Duck Tape®!
I found this cute Duck Tape® locker message board on the Duck Tape websiteDuck Tape Message Board
How adorable is this?  
I could have customized it to fit both of my sons personalities and hobbies! 
Heck, I may even make one up for me!
This is a fun activity and with all the different designs 
you can buy Duck Tape at Walmart, these would be such a super cute
and unique back to school craft.
Duck Tape® has sure come a long way since my boys were kids. 
I am constantly amazed by all of the Duck Tape® crafts that are out there!

How about you?  Are you a Duck Tape® fan? 
What craft would you try making with Duck Tape®

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  1. That's a neat little project! I've been wanting to make something out of Duck Tape for a while now since they have such cute prints so I'll have to their their site out! :)

  2. Ahhhh- FUN!!!! Love me some Duck Tape! Yes I do!!

  3. How fun! Duck Tape really has some cute patterns out right now :)

  4. Love the different patterns and colors of the Duck Tape!! Super cute project!!

  5. I love all the awesome and crafty applications that we can make with the new Duck Tape patterns that are available. I want to create something with a cute roll that I bought the other day, but the idea hasn't come to me yet...

  6. I used the heck out of the ninja turtle duck tape for E's bday party...the pics are ready, the post is not lol.

  7. That's SUCH a good idea! I love it! It looks like it could be pretty easy to make, too! Love Duck Tape!

  8. What a fun project! My kids love to put that tape on EVERYTHING!

  9. There are so many cute Duck Tape patterns lately. My girls love the monster high ones.

  10. I love Duct tape, I have used it on numerous things! Cute project! I didn't know till now they had such a variety available!


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