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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Please Welcome My Guest - Susan

My awesome buddy,  Susan  from Organized 31, has offered to help with a guest post while we are moving this month.  
Please give Susan a warm Kathe With An E welcome! 

Hi, I'm Susan from Organized 31.   As a part of a military family, I have 20+ moves under my belt and am happy to help Kathe out just a bit during her move.  It doesn't matter how many times you've moved, 
it's still tough while you're in the middle of it.  
Kathe, we're all sending you good wishes for your move.

Organized 31 - Personalized Repurposed Tin in 20 Minutes for Free

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I love to repurpose items for organizing and storage.  Maybe it's because of all the moving, but I hate to spend good money on an item that won't work in my next house.  When I find a way to repurpose an item, I'm saving money, saving the landfill and having fun being creative.

I'm blessed to have wonderful friends.  Wonderful friends who have started sorting through their trash just to pass it along to me.  Seriously, I love that my friends are now looking at their recycling  for items that I can repurpose (I love it, but it still amuses me).  I met my friend, J., for lunch a while ago and she passed this tin on to me.

  I remembered J. telling me that when she was young, because her name is unusual, she could never find personalized items in the store.  Bing.  I knew just had to personalize this tin for her.  But you could easily add any name or label you wanted.

I hopped onto PicMonkey and quickly created the personalized image I wanted.  If you haven't used PicMonkey, it's a free online photo editor that's super easy to use (really).  I printed the image out on cream card stock to coordinate with the colors that would show on the edge of the lid and grabbed my supplies.

(You may notice where my child tried to help me and sliced the top of my image. Shrug.  It adds character and a story.  And it seems wasteful to use up more paper and printer ink printing out another image to use in a repurposing project!)

This type of can is my favorite for repurposing because it has this lip where the lid meets the can.

That lip makes it super easy to know just where to line up the paper when you decoupage it onto the can.

 I carefully added Mod Podge to just the back of the paper (to keep the matte look of the paper), lined the paper up with the lip of the can and wrapped rubber bands around the can to hold the paper in place while it dried.  Using rubber bands is a great trick to make sure that the paper adheres well to the curved surface of the can.

To finish the lid off  I added some ribbon I inherited from my mom when she was cleaning out her sewing supplies (I knew it would come in handy some day).  And finally I added paper to the top so J. can label the contents if she wants.

The entire project took about 20 minutes plus drying time.  Since I used a repurposed can and craft supplies I already had, it cost nothing but some pleasant time spent crafting a surprise for a friend.

I don't know about you, but while I love looking at those elaborate projects that take other people days to do (and would take me weeks), I prefer the quick and easy projects I can squeeze into my day between all my other responsibilities.  I guess I have a short attention span (or a busy life).

I can't wait to return this little treasure to J. the next time we have lunch together. 

You might like to see some of my other repurposed projects from trash my friends have given me.


  1. You are such a sweetheart for helping a friend.

    I love your "trash to treaure" craft - looks amazing.

    GOOD LUCK in your move, Kathe.

    I -ugh- just hate to move. I cannot even imagine 20+ moves. WOW.

  2. I too have moved many times - but not 20 (thus far!!) Great post and glad to see Kathe has a helper friend.

  3. We haven't moved many times in the past 15 years, but before that, lots! You're a sweetheart for helping your friend. I loved the repurposed tin Kathe! Have a lovely week ahead.

  4. I've only moved 2 times in my life and we're getting ready for a third. This one has been a year long prep. It takes that long when you've been in the same house over 30 years!

  5. What a great friend you are. We would like to move just to get into a home with less land but almost too much trouble to be worth it. I love that particular tin for re-purposing. Coffee can are great too. I am a fervent Mod Podger from shoes to jewelry. LOL
    Great job guesting

  6. Love that! I also love the use of the rubber bands--totally clever!

  7. Great project. Looks like I need to pick up some card stock.

  8. What a great gift idea. Thanks so much for filling in for our friend, Kathe.


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