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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Oktoberfest Tablescape

Most people are surprised to learn that 
Oktoberfest really begins the 3rd weekend in 
and ends the first Sunday in 

2012 marks the 202nd Oktoberfest.
It all began when 
Crown Prince Ludwig, later to become King Ludwig I, 
was married to Princess Therese of Saxony-Hildburghausen on 
October 12, 1810. 

Only wars and cholera have 
interrupted the yearly event.

The traditional colors of Oktoberfest 
are colbalt blue and white,
but, you know me,
I am not a traditional kind of gal.

I went with the colors of the German flag on my table.

 Black, red and gold.
 The place settings consist of
my favorite black chargers, my equally favorite
red plates and...small golden yellow paper plates
from the Dollar Tree.
The flatware was a gift from Mr. B.
I layered a black and red napkin,
rolled them and tied them together 
with rustic twine.
The beer steins came free from 
a co-worker of Ms K's.
She was moving and asked if I would like
to have them.
I said yes, of course!
Two have lids and two do not.
The centerpiece consists a burlap runner and two of the
glass pillars I paid $1.50 each for at Goodwill
back in July

 I added Fall candles and leaves.
 In the center I have a German
apple cider tureen.
I snuck out of work a few weeks ago
when I saw this listed at an estate sale nearby.

I love the detail and colors as well as
the cute little man on the lid enjoying his beer.
 Intertwined along the center of the table
are some of Mr. B's homegrown hops.
They were pretty much done for the season
so he let me cut some off for this table.
They are the perfect accent for
this table.

We will enjoy a meal of 
Schnitzel, spaetzle, sauerkraut and apple cake.
The steins will be filled with some of Mr. B's
special Oktoberfest Ale and I just might
fill the tureen with some apple cider.

Prost to my German visitors and friends!

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  1. Oh this is a great table! I love all the details about Oktoberfest! What fun and I would love some Ale!! Hugs, Linda

  2. Very lovely setting & post. You made me truly miss my heritage there, born and raised with German food and the likings. Beautiful!

  3. Those steins really made this tablescape click. They are fun and colorful. Love it Kathe!

  4. Perfect Oktoberfest table, love the tureen and steins. So funny, I did a German cookie recipe post today! I think I need some of your hubby's homemade ale to wash them down! I have those black chargers and they will be in a tablescape very soon. xo

  5. Super slick, Kathe! Funny....my husband just remarked the other day that he was confused about why so many Oktoberfest celebrations were in September. He will be SO impressed when I hit him with that bit of information you provided!!! He'll actually think I'm scholarly! :-) Everything looks great in the colors of the German flag, and I LOVE the steins!!! My Mom used to have some fabulous steins that her housekeeper gave her after a visit back home to Germany. I wonder what she did with those? Hmmmmm....think I need to pay Mom a little visit! :-) This looks great, Kathe! Great job!!!!!!! Have fun at all the upcoming festivities!

  6. I never really new I was celebrating a wedding of prince and princess when I was drinking a beer or two at Oktoberfest!! Your table is a nice tribute to the celebration, I like the use of the hops!

  7. Table looks great! I love spaetzle.. ITs been so long since i have had it! Yum! :)

  8. I love it! The colors look great!


  9. This is a lovely table.....love the color scheme.

  10. Oktoberfest...what a great theme around which to do a table. All I need to know is what are you serving?

  11. You have some of the most beautiful tablescapes, Kathe! I would love for you to share this post and any other Fall related post you have, at this week's It's Fall Y'all ~ Linky Party. Hope to see you there!

  12. What a very fun tablescape!! Great theme. Everything coordinates beautifully.

    Jocelyn @

  13. Great tablescape! I like the idea of the German flag colors! That was nice of that woman to give you her steins! I have a bunch packed away somewhere! I guess I never heard the story behind Oktoberfest! I do have some German in me so I should be more up on it! This is such a good look you could just leave it setting like this for a fall display!

  14. Ocktoberfest is celebrated in many towns in Texas! I love the German food and the lovely beer gardens! There is a famous one between downtown Austin and the U of Texas campus and we love the food and atmosphere. This a wonderful tablescape and the special piece is the cider tureen which is so pretty with all the details! The beer steins and the lovely layers of the china is great with the coordination of the colors of the German flag. Terrific tablescape!

  15. What a wonderful table!!!! So creative and a great tribute to German Heritage!

  16. What a fun tablescape, Kathe! My hubby and I had the please of being in Munich one time during Octoberfest!

  17. What great Octoberfest information! Sounds like you do it up right. How festive your table looks.

  18. Kathe, I love the vibrant colors in this setting! Great score on the beautiful tureen. That was definitely worth sneaking out for. Your boss doesn't read your blog, right? Shhhhhhhh! I live a couple hours for Helen, Georgia where they go wild for Octoberfest...it's insane. The whole place is built like a German village and this time of year is crazy with crowds there. Are you in Georgia, too?

  19. Wait...you grow your own hops? That's amazing! Oh, I bet his ale tastes terrific. But I digress, your Octoberfest tablescape is wonderful. Your decision to skip out to that estate sale was a great one, I love that tureen! Read the menu, what time is dinner? :-) Pam

  20. Neat table. Reminds me that I need to get my German "smokers" out for Oktober!

  21. I had no idea that the traditional colors for Oktoberfest was blue and white! Your table looks exactly the way I would picture an Oktoberfest table would look like! It looks perfect to me! Thank you for joining TTF this week. Have a fantastic weekend!

  22. Great table and love the tureen for Oktoberfest. Great colors to represent the flag.

  23. Hello from Hodgepodge Friday. Lovely table. The steins are fantastic and I enjoyed the history of the celebration.

  24. Pretty table setting. My ancestors were from Berlin, Germany. That must explain why all of us had white hair when growing up (they used to call us cotton tops) HAH Out of nine children all were blue eyed except for me and two other siblings. The meal sounds delicious! I love German food! :)

  25. The apple cider tureen has so much charm. Enjoy your German feast in ethnic style!


  26. Beautiful table, Kathe! (as always) The hops are the perfect compliment and I love the cider tureen. Never seen one before. Now, I'm going to have to look for one. lol Your menu sounds scrumptious, too!

  27. Oh, I love it! My father was German, and both of my girls were exhange students to Germany. We have such a fondness for all things like this, and your table just makes me smile.

    I've been away for about a month dealing with a family trial. It's nice to have time to peek in and start to get reacquainted with favorite blogs.

  28. What a pretty table! Beautiful. A pleasure to look at. Take care, Linda

  29. Pass me a beer. Great to have you at Seasonal Sundays.

    - The Tablescaper

  30. Love the table and I did not realize that about Octoberfest! A local town celebrates one in Sept but I always thought they were just doing it early,lol!:)

  31. Your Octoberfest place settings are gorgeous and beautifully displayed...lovely choice using the flag colors. I am now a follower of your blog and look forward to return visits. I invite you to join me as well on my blog at http://atastefultouch.blogspot.com
    Hugs, Gayle.

  32. Your table is a great tribute to your German heritage, Kathe. I love the apple cider tureen...bet that comes as a surprise!

  33. beautiful dishes. thanks for the inspiration

  34. I thought for sure I commented on this before! Oops!
    Great job, Kathe! You have a serious talent for tablescapes!! I always look forward to seeing them!
    Thanks for sharing with my Super Link Party! :-)

  35. I did not know that about October fest. They always have them in Oct here, lol!
    I love the table, perfect take on the flag colors . The hops are a great touch!
    Love the steins!

  36. Kathe what a fun table for Octoberfest. I did know that about Octoberfest because a local ski resort here in UT celebrates it every year and my oldest daughter use to work there. We attended once and it was so fun. My youngest daughter and her hubby went to it a couple of weeks ago. Lots of wonderful German food. Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  37. Kathe, Thanks so much for sharing this beautiful tablescape on Simple & Sweet Fridays. I went to Ocktoberfest years ago and had so much fun in Germany. Thanks for bringing back all those great memories.


  38. Beautiful table scape! and what a fantastic estate find! That Gent looks nice and happy atop the tureen.

  39. A very pretty table scape, but then yours always are! Thanks for sharing your inspiration with Sunday’s Best – you helped make the party a success!

  40. Looking great! Thanks for sharing at the All Star Block Party.


  41. Love those steins, how gorgeous! What a beautiful table, thanks so much for sharing.

  42. Hagen warf glänzendes Gold in den Rhein schimmernd und funkelnd erstrahlts nun im Wein. (this is what's written on the lid of your turine) It's a reference to the Nibelungs and means "Hagen threw shimmering gold into the Rhine, and now it glistens in the wine." The Oktoberfest is not really celebrated in the Rhineland (Bavarian tradition, really, hence the blue and white), but what a fabulous find for your table!
    The Rhineland is known as a precious wine region, whereas Bavaria enjoys beer, beer and more beer (particularly White beer, Weissbier, which is kind of sour and will often be served with a sweet raspberry syrup mixed in)
    Your table looks fantastic- the hops are the cherry on top. If I hadn't sworn off my nationality in favor of acquiring a stiff upper lip (read: I left Germany for England many moons ago) I'd totally love to sit down and have a few bevvies with you, but nowadays t's all tea and warm ale for me :D

  43. That is just lovely! So original. It really makes me want to go back to Germany for a visit. Prost!

  44. Love this! The hops are just the perfect touch! So fun and festive and love the plates and chargers coordinating with the German flag. I don't really know too much about Oktoberfest so thanks for introducing it to me and sharing it at Gettin' Krafty!

  45. That was a great post. That explains all of the German festivals I have been seeing in the news. I kept thinking but, it isn't Oct. yet. Love the tureen! Thank you for sharing it at Home Sweet Home!

  46. Kathe,
    Love the tablescape. Beautiful as usual:) Thanks so much for linking up to Creative Thursday. Can’t wait to see what you share this week. Have a great week.

  47. Love all the details! Thanks so much for linkin up and hope to see you again on Sunday :) XOXO

  48. I love this table set-up, Kathe! My boyfriend and I attended a beer class at Total Wine on Saturday and the theme was Oktoberfest beers. I actually learned about the Oktoberfest event during the class and found out that it starts during the last week of September.

    Thanks for sharing this on Marvelous Mondays!

  49. Beautiful! We always do Oktoberfest, but we have to change the dates around depending on our schedule. This year, it's in November. :) Thanks for sharing at I Made It! Monday. Can't wait to see what you link up this week.