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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Recipe - Cauliflower With Cheesy Dijon Sauce

This recipe was given to me
by my dear mother-in-law.
She first served it to us
at a holiday meal
several years ago.

For Mr. B and I,
it was love at first bite!

It is so simple to
put together
and is soooo tasty
that it is now
the only way Mr. B will eat
cauliflower or broccoli!

You will need 1 lb
of cauliflower (or broccoli).
Mr. B's mother makes this using a whole head
of cauliflower
but I take the easy path
and use a bag of frozen cauliflower.
Place in a microwavable
casserole dish, cover
and cook, at full power, until done.
Your microwave may be different than mine,
it takes mine about 7 to 8 minutes to cook it.

While the cauliflower is cooking, gather
1 cup of mayo, 1/4 cup of dijon mustard
and about 8 ounces of cheddar cheese, shredded.
Mr. B likes marbled cheddar so that is what I use.
Mix them all together until well combined
(whose old lady hand is that??)

Take the cauliflower out of the microwave and
add the sauce mix, stirring
to get it well mixed in.
(Good lord!  Seriously, those old lady hands need a manicure!)

Cover and reheat about
2 minutes or until the
cheese is all melted.
And there you have a delicious
side dish that goes well
with ham, chicken, pork,
steaks, ice cream....um no, not ice cream,
but suffice it to say, it goes great with just about any meal!

Let me know if you try it.
I'd love to know what you think!
I'm off to get that old lady some
moisturizer for her hands!

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  1. Ice Cream....I am sure would be just fine!! :) My mother in law makes this as well on the whole head- I like your way better..looks to be easier and yes so so yummy! Hope you had an amazing weekend Kathe- have a great great week!!

  2. This is on the menu for us tonight to go with left over roast pork and rocket from the garden. mmmmm Thanks. Oh and don't fret about your hands too much, us cooks are all the same. Just shows how much home stuff we do for our families :)

  3. Yeah, that looks pretty delicious! And no poison ingredients which always give me a 3-day headache. Great recipe. :-)

  4. This looks delicious! I agree with Mr. B - isn't everything better with some cheese?

    Thanks for joining our Beautify It Monday link party, We hope you'll be back next week!

    -Four Sisters

  5. It does sound good, but maybe not with ice cream!

  6. Yummy! I love cauliflower:) I will definitely have to try this recipe!

  7. What a great way to jazz up those veggies! Looks really tasty!

    Thanks for linking to a Round Tuit!
    Hope you have a fabulous week!
    Jill @ Creating my way to Success

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  9. Kathe, I laughed when I read what you said about your hands because recently I had my Mom hold something while I took a photo. When she saw her arms and hands she exclaimed "oh my goodness you can't show that I look like an old woman". She is a young looking 66 year old, by the way. She made me retake the photo leaving her out of it as much as possible. Haha. Anyway, thanks for the recipe and the chuckle. I'm glad you made it to Your Cozy Home Party.-------------- Shannon

  10. Yes--yum--gonna try this too. How'd my hands get into your pictures?? Have a great week. (you don't have old lady hands)

  11. This looks great! I'm going to see if i can get my little man to eat this. Thanks for the recipe!

  12. Oh goodness that looks good! My Whimsy Wednesday post is here: http://likemamalikedaughter.blogspot.com/2012/05/how-to-tuesday-cottontail-cape.html

  13. This looks really good. I love cauliflower with cheese but have never made it myself. Thanks for the recipe. I would love if you would share this and any other posts at Showcase Your Talent Thursday http://whatscookinglove.blogspot.com/2012/05/showcase-your-talent-thursday-5.html. I hope to see you there!

  14. My little one would probably love this! Thanx for sharing Kathe!

  15. That sounds delicious! Thanks for the recipe. You made me laugh talking about your hands! Yours look fine. I usually end up cropping out my old lady hands!

  16. Looks super good! So glad that you shared. Thanks for helping make Things I've Done Thursday a success!

  17. Oh, I follow a low-carb diet and am always on the lookout for cauliflower recipes -- this looks heavenly :)


  18. Oooh looks so good! I have next to no cauliflower recipes so this is great!

  19. This looks wonderful. I am pinning it to my "Reccipes to Try" :)

  20. I think my two year old would eat her broccoli for once if I made it like this. I definitely need to give this a try. Thanks so much for shaing at Whimsy Wednesdays.

  21. Oooh, I just happen to have a cauliflower sitting in the fridge with no plans. Hmmm. Thanks for sharing at our party this week.

  22. Yumm! Can't wait to try this. Thanks for linking up!


  23. Hi Kathe, I have a similar recipe & I LOVE it. Thanks so much for linking up to Fabulous Friday at Faith, Trust & Pixie Dust.

    Warmly, Michelle
    PS - Had to laugh at the "Whose old lady hands . . . " I think that all the time about my pictures! ;D

  24. I LOVE this recipe, and it would be perfect for my new link party. This link party is called 'Required Ingredient Recipe Link Party' and I'll be holding it every Sunday, starting right now.

    The idea is to focus on a single ingredient each week and I'm starting off with cheese because everyone loves cheese!

    I'm planning to do a ton of promotion to get this link party off the ground, so any recipes you post should get lots of attention.

    Regardless of if you link up or not, I'm pinning this recipe! Yum!

    Hope to see you at the link party...

  25. Some of my kids will only eat veggies with some kind of cheese sauce... definitely will be giving this a try!


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