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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Strongest Man

A family vote was taken and it is official.  My father has truly earned the title of "The Strongest Man".  One month ago he went into the hospital.  Two weeks ago he left the hospital knowing that there was no more that could be done for him.  The probability of him living more than days was low.  Another two weeks pass, today, he is here still with us. The infection and pain has weaken his body but not his spirit. It is still a daily task to keep the pain under control.

I go to work and try maintain some sort of normal. Mr. B takes me out for a wonderful dinner over the weekend for an early birthday surprise. I do laundry, I dust and sweep and mop. It's what I do when I am troubled. I clean.  Our home is very clean right now.

Then, the phone rings.  I want the call but, I don't want the call, if that makes sense.  I want his pain to be over but I don't want him to be gone.  I am told his stats have dropped.  It will be soon they say. I frantically drive to the nursing home to be by his side. I send out texts and post on facebook, asking for prayers to be sent his way that he find comfort. The day slowly passes.  His stats rise.  His condition stabilizes.  The crisis is over. 

Today I wished him a Happy Valentine's Day and tell him he is one of my favorite Valentine.  I tell him he seems better today and he sticks his tongue out at me! Now that's my daddy! I give him water. I hold his hand and caress his forehead.  I sit quietly with him while he sleeps.

Tomorrow, I will try going into work again.  I will call several times during the day to speak with his nurse to see how he is doing.  I will try not to jump when my phone rings.  The only peace I have is knowing "The Strongest Man" is my father. He will not beat this but, he will fight back with all he has.

Thank you all again for your heartfelt words and prayers.


  1. Thinking of you, glad you posted an update. Take care, if you run out of things to clean I will loan you some. The Strongest Man has a very strong daughter.

  2. Praying for you and your Dad. I know what you mean about wanting the call but not wanting the call. He is amazing as are you. Big Hugs to you, Linda

  3. Beautiful, Kathe. I totally understand wanting and not wanting the phone call. Only those who have gone through it can understand how very difficult it is to see them suffer.
    God be with him.


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