ic Kathe With an E: 25 Fun Facts To Get You Through The Day

Thursday, January 26, 2012

25 Fun Facts To Get You Through The Day

Okay, maybe I overdid it with the use of the word, fun.
This post is all because of Shaunna at Perfectly Imperfect. Shaunna has done some pretty funny 25 Things posts on her blog and I think they are a terrific way to get to know the Wizard behind the curtain...errr...the person behind the blog better. In hopes this funny lady doesn't mind me riding on her creative shirt tail, I present to you,

  1. No, the spelling of my name is not a shout out to Anne of Green Gables.
  2. I had not heard of Anne of Green Gables until I started blogging.
  3. I remember, vividly, learning to write my name and my father telling me how to spell it.
  4. It is a German variation of the spelling.
  5. Mr. B and I met nearly 20 years ago.
  6. I was his boss.
  7. We were friends long before we became romantical.
  8. I just made that word up. 
  9. I am hoping it goes viral.
  10. We will be married 7 years in June.
  11. My bestest friend and I have been besties for nearly a half century.
  12. I am only 29.
  13. Drat! No, I am way older than that. I just feel 29.
  14. I used to hate my birth date since it is the day after Valentine's Day.
  15. The choice seemed to be either a Valentine's Day card or a birthday card. Never both.
  16. Mr. B makes sure both days are special for me.
  17. Due to some events in my past I have trust issues.
  18. Because of this, it is hard for me to make friends.
  19. But, once you are my friend, it is for life sister!
  20. I am the worst kind of morning person.
  21. The kind that greets you with a song.
  22. I can't sing.
  23. This is way harder than I thought it would be.
  24. Mr. B is pretty much as perfect as he seems. 
  25. I am a lucky woman ♥ ♥ ♥


  1. What a sweet post.....I love your 25 fun facts :) - Katie


  2. Kathe, you are a newly wed! I didn't know!
    Son's bday is the 16th, . I get the holiday thing!

    Mornings are better if you don't have to leave to go to work! :)

  3. I got ya beat! My bday is December 22. Whomp whomp whommmmp! Thanks for sharing your facts!

  4. If you woke me up singing, I'd punch you. LOL...just keepin' it real ;)

    I, too, have a forever-bestie...since we were in kindergarten. It's awesome, right? :)

  5. What a sweet post! Love the sharing.

  6. You are just too fun! I love it! My son's bday is two days after Christmas so that is always a hard one but we make sure to keep it special.

  7. I enjoyed learning more about you. Great list!

    Warmly, Michelle


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