ic Kathe With an E: Thrifting to Burn Calories

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Thrifting to Burn Calories

Hello friends! How is everyone?  I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving. 
We spent the day with Mr. B's family.  His brother, wife and their two kiddlets 
were here in CO from Omaha for the holiday.  
Mr. B's mother made the traditional turkey dinner (her stuffing and mashed potatoes are to.die.for!) and I provided a pumpkin pie and an apple pie. It was such a beautiful day in the mountains!  Lots of talking and laughing to be sure! 
I do have to share with you the Fall tree my dear mother-in-law decorated!  
It greeted us as we entered the house.

Isn't it just so beautiful?  
She had all kinds of fall flowers and leaves and picks all over it!  
It is just so creative. 
I loved it!
This weekend has been all about the Christmas decorating. 
Poor Mr. B.  I don't know how he puts up with my obsession with Christmas!  
I even have an app on my phone that counts down how many days until Christmas that I show to him
nearly everyday.  
I lovelovelove Christmas.  
And as much as I love the spirit of the day, I love to decorate for it too.  
I have bin after bin of decor stashed all over. 
I did try so very hard to be a good girl this year and I was able to purge one bin full of odd decorations I won't use again. 
Of course, I will fill that empty bin with my other passion, 

Speaking of which, a few weekends ago we had gone out to dinner at one of our favorite local restaurants.  After we eat we usually like to go somewhere to walk it off, so to speak.  
He asked if there was any place I needed to go and I immediately shouted "ARC Thrift Store".  
Hey, it wasn't out of our way, in fact,totally on the way home and gosh!  
They were having a 50% off most items sale...how lucky for me!! <Grin>.

Mr. B is not a big thrift store kind of guy, he'd had rather gone to Best Buy, but he had no better suggestions so, off to ARC we went.

The first to catch my eye were this set of four salad plates.  I love how each one has a different flower on it and a butterfly.  Is it too soon to be wishing for Spring? Only .75 each!
  I don't know the maker.  Anyone familiar with this label?

Next, Mr. B found this plate.  
Now if I had been alone I would have looked at it, wanted it, turned it over and seen the pink tag 
(not 50% off!) and put it back on the shelf.  
Not Mr. B.  He really liked it.  
He pointed out that at even $3.99 it was a one of a kind and that we were getting it. I am happy we did.  
It really is so beautiful.  So colorful! It had a place of honor in the kitchen 
until a Christmas plate took its place.
You can see that it probably was some sort of collectors plate and has a wire so that it can be hung on the wall for display. 
The photo does not do it justice. 
Everything is lined in gold.  Truly, a beautiful piece that we will treasure.

The next lucky find was, once again, found by Mr. B.  A small little piece and you know I had to have it!  
A Candlewick coffee saucer.  On sale for only .65.  
It has joined it's other Candlewick brothers and sisters in my ever growing collection!

Next I ventured over to the linens while Mr. B perused the electronics (not quite Best Buy but good enough).  I was able to score two sets of napkins.  
There were six in this set of napkins depicting wheat for only .75!  
I can see a farm table set up in my future. 
These pink ones were also .75 and there were only four of them but, I have been on the lookout for pink napkins and they were in perfect condition so I grabbed them too.
 Not too bad of a haul when all was said and done. 
We did, of course, expend some calories in the process which is also good, right?   
Maybe I can get Mr. B to do it again the next time we go out to eat?? 
Nah, probably not, I will have to play fair and suggest Best Buy.
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  1. I really like all the things you found. The flower plates are so pretty. I can never have too many napkins, lol, or plates for that matter! I am just starting my Christmas decorating and I'm so happy! I should get lots done this week. hugs, Linda

  2. CUTE! Love the napkins and the plates are so pretty. Thrifting is de bomb! Thanks for sharing with my newbie party.

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  4. Those are some great finds. That second plate reminds me of cloisonne jewelry, so pretty! Thanks for sharing them with us :)

  5. I really like those finds. I love those wheat napkins, how great for fall, and those flower dishes will certainly look sharp with the pink napkins come springtime. Congrats!

  6. I love the Fall tree. It's a very cute idea.

    The dishes are beautiful.


  7. I love thrifting! You've got some great finds there.

  8. I love thrifting so much more than retail...you never know what you will find, plus the prices are soooooo much better!
    Love the wheat napkins...

  9. go going, congrats on him for finding the candle wick.

  10. Great finds! What a fun way to burn calories. :)

  11. Wow...I LOVE that Christmas tree design. I would have never thought to do that- it turned out so lovely! Visiting from Artful Rising!

  12. Thrifting to burn calories... I love that idea! Congrats on your gorgeous finds :-)

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  14. Love that plate! I love the 50% off sales at the thrift store but sometimes (oftentimes) you find something too good to pass up.....

  15. Neat post love your photos! thanks for sharing Joann

  16. Love the wheat napkins! Great finds. You are so lucky.

  17. I love thrifting when I can! I recently thrifted a bunch of sewing notions & granny squares!

  18. Now that's the kind of exercise I like! Great finds.


  19. What wonderful buys! I love the dishes and am on the lookout for some, too! The tree is delightful! ♥

  20. I heart thrifting, if I don't go out at least once a week I feel CRAZY! I need the fix. Love all your finds, but really like the dishes. I have no holidays dishes, and need to find some. I can so relate to the exercise thing, when I head out the door thrifting I really walk a lot, bend down, so it counts to keeping me in great shape. Thanks for sharing over at Sunday's Best, keep the creative ideas coming.

  21. Thank you for linking up! The bird plate is spectacular and a great deal. Glad you listened to your hubby:)

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  22. Haha, I love the way your mind works! You found some great things.:)

  23. Great post - you found some really cool things! I love your mother-in-law's tree, too - very clever! Thanks for linking up!

  24. Good for you! I love thrifting! Hubby doesn't go with me though. You are lucky...I think. ;0)

  25. I am loving your hubs who went thrifting with you and even found a treasure. He is a keeper. No matter that he needs to be bribed to go. He is bribeable!!!(Is that a word? HA! Love the plate he found. Your thrift purchases are very impressive. Good job.
    Hugs, Jeanne

  26. This is perfect:) I am seriously loving your post! It is so informative and I think my subscribers would really enjoy reading this. I would love for you to come share it at Frugal Days, Sustainable Ways on Frugally Sustainable (http://frugallysustainable.blogspot.com/2011/11/frugal-days-sustainable-ways-3.html). I really hope that you will put Frugal Days, Sustainable Ways on your list of carnivals to visit and link to each Wednesday!

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    :) Diane

  28. What a beautiful tree. That would be delightful to see upon first entering a home.
    I have always said that thrift shopping is good for the cardio vascular system. You often have to lurk and then make mad dashes for items. Changes in speed keep your system on its toes.

  29. You really scored here. My fave is mr. B's plate. Maybe this will change his mind about thriftiing......Christine

  30. Sounds like Mr. B is beginning to enjoy shopping for dishes since he was so insistent on the purchase of items he discovered. Enjoy your treasures.

    Visiting from the Bunny Hop, Debra

  31. Hi Kathe, I have written many times about the sport of yard saling so I think that you are right. Thrifting is indeed a sport!

  32. You havbe so many pretty things to share. I dearly love the tree your MIL designed. Never saw one decorated for fall before. Great idea.

  33. You certainly found some treasures.. love the plate your husband decided he needed.. it's wonderful. xo marlis

  34. Mr. B's mom's fall tree is gorgeous. And, you found some terrific treasures while you were exercising--two birds with one stone. Those napkins are the best!

  35. LOL! Next time I need some exercise, I'll know just where to work out :) Love the finds :) -Jill

  36. Those colorful birds are amazing. What a find. I never score like that.

  37. Great finds. You will be so happy in the Spring to have bought those plates (just don't forget about them!). I love those wheat napkins too.

    Robin Flies South

  38. So many pretty things to look at. Love what your MIL did with her tree. Such a great idea.

  39. Wish I could drag my husband into a thrift store -- but it's got to be -really- interesting looking from outside to draw his attention. He does junk stores, which are a totally different critter.

  40. The fall tree is a cute idea. Getting my husband into a thrift shop would be a miracle. You've raised yours well or did your clever MIL do that?

  41. I am going to have to use this as my new exercise plan! I love your finds. Thanks for sharing!

  42. Kathe, I am so impressed with Mr. B's finds! He obviously has inherited a flare for decor from his mother! Just remind him that you can't buy anything for under $10 at Best Buy! You have me drooling in anticipation of your Christmas decorations! Can't wait to see them!

    Creating Wonderful Spaces

  43. The Fall tree is beautiful and you found some great things. The French Country napkins are wonderful. Thanks for linking to the Open House party this week.

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  45. That fall tree if your MIL was a cute idea. Sounds like you had a good time.

    I know what you mean about bins... pretty soon I am going to have to start putting them outside ;)

    Thanks for coming to my party this week!

    xoxo bunny Jean

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    - The Tablescaper

  52. Kathe, you have a great eye for color and design.

    Thank you so much for sharing your talent on “A Little Birdie Told Me…” at Rook No. 17! With all the parties out there to choose from, it means a lot that you take the time be a part of mine! Warmest wishes, Jenn

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