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Monday, September 5, 2011

Thrifty Day

I am so sorry I am so late in getting a post up.  First excuse, on Sunday, as I am want to do,  I ran and did our weekly grocery shopping.  When I got home I was greeted with Mr. B outside with half of the back fence down! I swear, I can’t leave that man home alone, ever!  Seems he had noticed a couple of posts had rotted and needed to be replaced, today <sigh>. So, after putting the groceries away I assumed my usual position when projects begin, Clean Up Girl!  I grabbed my work gloves and plucked up the trimmer and a couple of rakes. By the end of the day and the obligatory run to Home Depot, we were tired, sweaty and dirty but the fence was, for the most part, fixed and almost back up.

Excuse number two, I wanted to wait as Goodwill and our local big thrift chain, ARC, were having a 50% off sale today (Labor Day) and I knew I would find some thrifty scores to share with you.

So, this morning I got up, read the paper, ate a little something, and told Mr. B he was in charge of finishing the fence because, I was going shopping!  Bye. Seeya :) and I was off!

And yes, I did score! Whoohoo!  I hit two Goodwill's and one ARC store as well as a Hobby Lobby.

My first stop was a Goodwill I had only been to a couple of times before and is kind of hit or miss. I went up and down the rows of merchandise but wasn't really seeing anything I needed/ wanted. But then I spied 2 Candlewick punch glasses. As you get to know me better you will come to realize that I cannot pass up Candlewick glass, ever! I had inherited some pieces many years ago when my grandmother passed away and have been adding to it ever since. 

I picked up the two glasses, not really sure if I wanted just two of them. I like sets of things y'know?  And then, I set them back down and walked away.  Yeah I know, the first rule in thrifting is even if you are not sure, keep them in your hand because someone else may pick them up and then you will decide you want them only to be denied.  So I continued wandering the aisles.  I found myself back by the glasses only to see just one of them.  But wait!  That's not where I had set them down. Down the row I see the two I had had in my hands earlier.  Now there were three.  Well for gosh sakes!  Maybe there is a fourth?  I started looking much harder and not only found the fourth BUT also found a sherbet glass!!  This time I did keep them in my sweaty little hands!
You may notice a hint of something else I found at this Goodwill but, you will have to wait until later to see it revealed.  I am such a tease!

Next I decided to hit a Hobby Lobby that is nearby.  I am not one to ever pass up a stop at Hobby Lobby.  I was greeted by a sign on the door announcing "90% Off Selected Home Accessories"  Oh hello!  Of course there wasn't much but I did manage to pick up a couple of yard flags cheap!

Crazy prices, am I right??

I also found on sale a pair of  candles that I know I will use on a tablescape this winter.
The next stop was ARC.  ARC Thrift Stores are local to Colorado.  Their mission is to help children with developmental disabilities.  I can usually count on them to have some nice finds and this trip, they did not disappoint. 

I was able to find 2 ceramic pumpkins with lids that will play nicely with a couple I have stored away in one of my Fall bins.  I will not be unloading those bins until next week, so stay tuned!

I was also able to get a cute gingham pillow case for $1.00 that I think I can use as a table runner as well as a black tablecloth for $2.00.

On to my final destination.  I have been to this Goodwill several times and they usually have nice things for me to rescue.  These 4 plates garnered me some favorable comments while waiting to check out.  They are marked only with Czechoslovakia. 

They have a very pretty lace cutout around the rim.
I also found these cute salad plates.  I think they will be a pretty addition to a Spring garden table.

And that was it for shopping.  Off to home I went.  What?  Huh?  Oh yeah....I almost forgot!  You guys are good!  This was my most expensive purchase of the day at $4.00.  I spied him from across the store.  There he was in all of his lime green splendor.  Our eyes met and he knew he was coming home with me!

No I am not crazy!  No I was not dropped on my head as a baby.  C'mon guys, you know what I always say "it's not what it is, it's what it can be" and I have never met a can of spray paint I didn't like.  You come back here in a few and you will see my Knight for the beauty he really is!  I promise!

Oh and, I got home just as Mr. B was putting away his tools.  The fence was done!  I made it home just in time <teehee> Yep, it was a great day :)


  1. Wow, I love the knight! Will he be black or white? And you can't beat the pumpkins this close to fall. =)

  2. Oh SCORE! Love a good deal. Thanks for sharing on Market Monday! Plse come again.

  3. Kathe with an E, you have the most fun blog. I love all the finds you found on Labor Day weekend - and you even managed to get out of some labor at that! I really like those plates. Occasionally, I go by Pier 1 Imports and find some great deals on plates or glasses. For awhile now I've been on this kick of purchasing breakfast size plates that are without any mates. It's so fun using them. Serve with them, and each person has a unique plate. Decorate with them for blogs. As you can tell, I have fun with them. So happy to find your blog. I've joined as your new follower, too:)

  4. LOVING IT! And don't worry...you will find the clock when you are meant to find the clock:)
    Hugs, Sonya

  5. You found some fabulous stuff! I love those Czechoslovakian plates; their cut out edges are so pretty. I'm with you on the Candlewick, too. I bought my Candlewick punch cups with some snack plates. I find it hard to pass up when it's priced reasonably. My friend collects it as well, so when I get duplicates, I can share.

  6. Nice table, nice finds! Thanks for your visit and sweet words! Love, ~Nana~

  7. What great potential! I can't wait to see what you do to them!

  8. Great finds! I’d love for you to link to Things I’ve Made Thursdays. I’m trying something new this week- We have two sections to the party- one for kids’ things and one for “Anything”!! I think this post would be an awesome addition to the “Anything Goes” party!

    Hope you’ll stop by and link up!

  9. I love those plates, and can't wait to see what you do with your knight.

  10. What fun finds Kathe! Those plaes are gorgeous and I can't wait to see the Knight after a redo! Thanks for joining TTF and have a fun weekend!

  11. Awesome finds! I can see the knight spray painted my Oil rubbed Bronze I love so much!

  12. Kathe, wonderful find. Boy, will you have fun with these.

    Barb ♥

  13. I'm a huge thrifter too.....love your treasures....especially the gold and white plates. Hope you can stop by and visit and become a follower. I'm one of your newest followers and love your blog! Lynn

  14. Wonderful finds! I too love candlewick and boopie(the sherbert looks like boopie to me). Also love those plates...beautiful. Can't wait to see the Knight in all his new spray painted glory!

  15. You were a busy gal finding all those thrifty treasures. The plates are awesome and I certainly see the attraction to the horse sculpture! Can't wait to see just what he will be.

    I am so pleased that you linked to Potpourri Friday. Your participation certainly makes the party more successful . I appreciate you, the most! I hope you will make this one of your regular stops each week!

  16. Wonderful finds and an even better tale!
    Thank you for giving me a smile today.

    I wish I had remembered (or known?) it was you desiring the candlewick glasses. I just passed up a large selection of them at our GW. I wondered who had cleared out their whole collection. Probably someone's SON. (Not that my son would ever...)

  17. Wonderful finds, and those plates are treasures.

  18. Love your finds! I also love to hit yard sales, estate sales, Goodwill, you name it! I'm following you now too!

  19. I love the little pumpkins and the green knight!

    E :)

  20. Cute! I just love those clearance stickers!!

    Please feel free to link up your thriftiness to my Make Yourself Monday Blog Hop! I'd love to have you!! :o)

    For Love of Cupcakes

  21. Thank you so much for linking up to Make Yourself Monday - I love how you used the clearance sticker for your thumbnail! :o)

  22. Wow, such great finds!I love the pumpkins and the salad plate! How I wish there's such stores here in the Philippines too!


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