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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Thrift Shopping Relieves Stress

Now I am not sure if anyone has obtained grant funds to study it in depth but, I know for me, thrift shopping relieves stress. I had just gone through my most stressful week at work plus, we had a new roof put on the house and everything was in a state of disarray.  They were still working on the roof Saturday morning.  They started at the ungodly hour of 7:00am.  Seriously?!  I hadn’t even had my morning coffee!  I am normally a morning person but after about an hour and a half of the banging and what not I looked Mr. B square in the eye and said “I am so outta here!”.  I grabbed my keys and took off without a backward glance.

As luck would have it, both of my favorite thrift haunts, Goodwill and ARC Thrift Stores were having another 50% off most items sales.  Whoohoo! 

I was gone about two and half hours and by the time I got home the roofers were done and finishing cleaning up.  Yippee for me, and them! I managed some pretty good scores too.  I hit one Goodwill and two ARC Thrifts. 

At the first Goodwill I hit I found 4 dinner plates and 4 salad plates.  

They are my first real Johnson Brothers plates.  I did a fast online search and found that my $2.00 investment is a stellar deal!  Yes, .25 per plate!  It looks as though the previous owner used them everyday as there is some wear and knife marks but, to me, that makes them even more special!

I found some other dishes during my travels but I had already put them away before I took pictures.  Yeah I know, rookie blogger mistake.  Not to worry, you will see them used on a tablescape and I will be forgiven...Right?

I also was able to get some great deals on some napkins.  Remember, the price you see is not what I paid.  Everything was 50% off.

My most expensive find was the HUGE tablecloth you see a bit of with the napkins above.  I over estimated the size and when I tried it on the table it was way too big.  I may cut it up and make dishcloths out of it.  At $5.00 I should have checked it more closely. The roosters just suckered me in.

I also found a set of Pfaltzgraff Christmas candlesticks.  At $3.00 for the pair I was pretty happy.

Now I have a question for you.  Do I have a stamp on my forehead that says "Hey ugly stuff, c'mere"?  Just like my last thrifty adventure (read about it here) I gravitated to the most sorrowful piece of "art" in the store.  Once again someone deemed it necessary to use paint sale colors on a poor defenseless animal.  I have seen pheasants used in fall decor all over blogland so I wanted him.  In spite of his state, he was coming home with me.  I could see very easily why he was priced at $2.99. $1.50 was all it took to get him into my cart. 

Can't you just see he is pleading, "Help. Me."?  I'm not sure what color he will be spray painted yet.  I do know it won't be oil rubbed bronze.  I am open to all suggestions so give me yours and together, we will save another fugly castoff from total humiliation.

Two and half hours of pure bliss. 


  1. Nice job! I also find browsing the antique stores to lower my blood pressure.

    Dropping by from Met Monday.

    Vintage Gumwood Cabinet Kitchen

  2. I so agree that thrift shopping is great stress relief! I love it and you can buy on a limited budget. You found great dishes and I love all the Rooster napkins. Can't wait to see some new tablescapes with all of these finds.

    hugs, Linda

  3. Champagne, of course :) LOL, since that's my new go-to spray paint color. You wouldn't guess that by the look of my grass tinted red, ORB, and Champagne. Yes, I agree thrift shopping does take care of stress.

    So my big thrift shopping question is about hankies. Good, old fashioned beautifully detailed hankies. Pass or purchase? Hubby thinks it's creepy. The verdict is out for me. What do you think?

  4. Nice finds! Last season Nate Berkus updated a collection of similar accessories using either a matte or glosssy white and they were stunning. And your roofing experience frightens me. Getting ready to have my done. Yikes!!!

  5. AMEN.....is it ever a stress relief. when my dad was sick, i was there constantly lol! nice finds!
    have a blessed week.

  6. that pheasant is a fantastic find! I would of snatched him up too! I'd do a rust-orangey-red- on him... I bet he'll look great, whatever you decide.


  7. Some great buys..you did good. :)

  8. Well done! You're right, A thrift store shopping trip and coming home with bargain treasures is the best stress reliever. I need to go again soon :)

  9. Oh definitely yes! Thrifting is a huge stress reliever!!

    Thank goodness you found that poor pheasant. He will look better no matter what you do to him. ;)

    I love the rooster tablecloth. Can you fold it in a way that you would still be able to use it for the table? I just love it and can see why you had to bring it home.

  10. Great prices...the Johnson Bros. plates are my favorites!


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