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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Making A Date With Your Mate And My Rules To A Happy Marriage

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In just a few short weeks, Mr. B & I will celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary! Where have the years gone?  It seems like just yesterday I was ordering a dress from JCP online (on clearance because, well...you know me!) and we were jetting off to Vegas to exchange our vows at the Chapel at The Monte Carlo Resort.

I consider us to be a very happy couple.  I think that happens naturally when you marry someone you consider to be your very best friend.  Someone you can freely giggle with at inappropriate times. Someone that thinks you are beautiful at 5 am when you know your morning hair was very likely used as a model for one of the Muppets!
Even after 10 years Mr. B makes my heart skip a beat when he walks into the room (collective sigh allowed here). I have said it here before, he is truly my last love. 

One way we keep the magic going is to "date" each other whenever we can.  It could be a breakfast date, a dinner date or, just recently, we had a lunch date.
Because I didn't want it to be just lunch on the weekend but a lunch DATE, I brought out our wedding china. If you only use your good china for special occasions, what is more special than a meal with your spouse? 
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Because I wanted to spend time with my man and not at the stove, I grabbed a TONY’S® Pizza from the freezer. We love the pizzeria style crust and the fact that it is now 30% bigger! We both agree that it has a true authentic pizzeria taste too. I especially love that I can find it easily at my local Walmart and I had a coupon to boot! Right now you can save $.75 off of any TWO (2) Tony’s Pizza (14.14 oz. or larger). This Walmart digital coupon is available until 6/30/15 (while supplies last). 

We are both meat eaters so I popped a Meat-Trio into the oven.
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While the pizza baked, I put together a simple green salad and set the table.
I had picked up some flowers earlier in the week and thought they helped to bring the date mood to the table. Again, it doesn't hurt to go a little overboard when you are trying to impress your mate!
Let Tony's Pizza help you make a date with your mate #add #pmedia #bigpizzeriataste
{{Drool}} Once the pizza was done, I sliced it up, set it on a pretty plate and called Mr. B for lunch.

The smile and wink he gave me let me know he knew this was no ordinary weekend lunch! 
Let Tony's Pizza help you make a date with your mate #add #pmedia #bigpizzeriataste
Of course, he grabbed for a slice of pizza right off not knowing that it was MY slice LOL! Eh, marriage is all about compromise, right?  I let him have it. It does seem like there were 3 for lunch this day!  Mr B, me and Tony's Pizza lol!
Let Tony's Pizza help you make a date with your mate #add #pmedia #bigpizzeriataste
The pizza was so good, I didn't mind the 3rd wheel. Tony's Pizza really made it so simple to spend some quality time with my favorite guy! Plus, there was little to clean up and Mr. B helped with the dishes!  Score 2 points for Tony's! 

Wanna spoil your man with a date lunch or dinner? I suggest you pick up a few of the new 30% larger Tony's and use your imagination! 

You can learn more about Tony’s Pizza on their website or on their Facebook page!

Now, I am going to  leave you with some sage advice from a veteran, here are my rules for a happy marriage.  Tell me how you keep your marriage strong in the comments below!

Rules For A Happy Marriage
According to
Kathe With An E
1.    Want every night to feel like a date night? Try going to bed together. So many couples go to bed at different times, and when you do that, you lose the natural opportunity to talk together and to make love.
2.    Remember, you married an imperfect person and so did your spouse. If you marry thinking you were going to change your mate, you are in for lots of hard work, heartbreak and tears. Marry the person for who they are right now, not for who you hope they become someday.
3.   Marriage isn’t about YOU! Marriage is about give and take for BOTH of you. Don’t insist that everything go your way.  Listen, nod and agree now and then. It’s really okay to let your partner win some.
4. Say "I love you," and tell your partner they look attractive, and mean it.  I know this seems like such a no brainer but after a few years, you may forget to do this. Build each other up with love and let the other know that you still think they are as handsome/ beautiful as you did on the day you married.
5. Too many couples fight and bicker over the dumbest things, especially when put into context of issues of true importance. Pick your battles. Is it really such a big deal that he leaves his whiskers in the sink when he shaves?  I’d rather have whiskers in the sink than not have Mr. B in my life. Those tiny hairs became so easy to clean up when I started to think of where I would be if those hairs were not there. Reserve your energy for discussions over finances, kids, and career paths (you know, the things that really matter).
6. Quit expecting your mate to be a mind reader! Seriously, if something is bothering you, just say something!  You want him to be more loving?  Instead of quietly resenting the fact that he is not, just tell the poor guy what you want. What you need.  Same goes to you fellas. You need time with the guys every now and then?  Don’t tell your buddies that  your wife won’t let you, explain to her why this time is important to you and how it can actually strengthen your relationship by having separate friends and interests (because, it does!).
7. One common element to many successful marriages is their ability to keep the romance going. Remember the excitement of dating?  Why do we let that go?  Make it a priority to spend time with just each other. It doesn’t have to be expensive at all! Whether it’s dinner and a movie or just a fried Spam sandwich at home, you can make it special. Serve that Spam sandwich on a piece of your wedding china or anything other than a paper plate. Hold hands during the movie. Act like silly teenagers. Turn off the TV and other devices, turn on some music and just be in the moment with each other.
8. Trust is the foundation that holds a marriage up. Trust is when you tell your spouse what is important to you and what you expect from them. If they agree to honor and respect what is important to you, you will trust them with your feelings and thoughts. Don't take each other for granted, neglect your relationship or consistently give too much time and energy to other things and people that cause you break to that trust. Remember every day what is really important in your life. Keep your priorities clear. Make your partner and your marriage a top priority.


  1. Love the rules Kathe! Taking time for date night is high on our list too but going to bed together is a tough one with my guy who likes to watch TV at night.. grrr..lol

  2. Such great rules Kathe and so very very true!! Greg and I have pizza night too each week but I have to admit yours looks a lot more romantic. I am going to have to amp my game !!

  3. Congratulations on 10 years of Happiness! Hold it dear to your heart.

    My hubby and I have our 10th anniversary in less than a month. It doesn't appear that we will be celebrating it together, since he decided - on one of his "good" days - to move out and go live with his adult kids 4 hours away...almost 2 months ago. I haven't heard from him at all, so I'm not at all sure if he is even well. You see, he was diagnosed in January with lung cancer and metasases to the liver. After all sorts of tests and biopsies, he was told he didn't have cancer after all. Misdiagnosis. But, that didn't help him. You see, he has had the symptoms of Alzheimers for years now. He would'nt see a doctor for it after one doctor told him about 7 years ago, that he didn't have Alzheimers. But, earlier this year, even he had to admit that he wasn't the same...not even close...to the man I married 10 years ago. 10 years can change a person if they have family history of disease, as my hubby has. I'm certain he moved away to keep me from the heartbreak of watching him decline further in health. It was such a shock to me - to not have him here. {NOTE: I never would have left him and I told him that over and over.} I am left with the house...the bills...and our 3 little Pups...and a huge hole in my heart. I've consistently tried calling him, left messages, written emails...and that's all I can do. He won't answer. And I can't call the house...because his kids had the number changed to an unlisted one. But, at age 65, I'm creating a life of my own...as it appears that is what he wants. I've had my church praying, friends praying...and I'm trusting God to show me the way.

    Hugs to you...
    Jan ♥

  4. What a sweet post! Having met you and Mr. B, I can agree you two were meant for each other. You make me *almost* want to try love again! Still I can share pizza with my favorite guy my Grandson, not the same but special all the same.

  5. These rules! So easy yet so difficult. Great post Kathe! Congrats on 10 years!!

  6. Great post! =) I love pizza, and this one looks good.
    Happy Anniversary!

  7. This is my kind of anniversary! Right down to the 'meat lovers'! :)

  8. What a fun anniversary Kathe! Pinned and shared! Hope to see you on Saturday and Happy Anniversary!

  9. For someone who has been married many, many years, I agree with your tips for a good marriage. I also think that women need to realize that men and women are different and don't expect your husband to think like a woman. Also, and I think this is so important: Men want respect and appreciation. I can't tell you how many couples I've seen where the woman gives neither. Great post, Kathe. Happy Anniversary!

  10. ah, yes, pizza night (on the couch) is often a fun date night for us...last night we snuggled up on the couch with the pup and food and just watched a movie. A great night!

  11. Tony's makes for a great after school snack as well!

  12. Those are great tips. My husband and I are entering our 7th year of marriage and we are still working on dating each other without having our 3 year old tag along.

  13. Excellent advice. We have trouble remembering some of these from time to time but we will celebrate 30 years in 12 days so I guess we are doing some things right.
    Spam sandwiches, of sensei how alike we really are!


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