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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Tables Extraordinaire

This post is heavy with pictures
Continue at your own risk of beauty overload
**You've been warned**

For the past twelve years, at this time, the women of  
host a fantastic fund raising event,
Tables Extraordinaire.  
They have 40 tables set up and the women from the church choose a theme and then decorate the tables.  
Each setting is set to host anywhere from 6 to 20 guests.  
This past weekend was my second time attending. 
The family that runs the cafe where Mr. B works are members of the church and remind him to remind me to attend.  They know of my love of tablecaping and know how much I love to see so many beautifully dressed up tables all in one spot.

We woke up Saturday morning and my spirits sagged.  
We were knee deep (okay, maybe ankle deep) in the middle of a snow storm. 
I was sure I was going to miss it this year.  
My hero, that would be Mr. B, would not have any of it.  
If I wanted to go, he would make sure I got there. 

Into his 4-wheel drive, all bundled up, we went.  The roads weren't too bad and my spirits were rising. 

A half an hour later we arrived and even though I've attended before as we walked in, I gasped.

 Gold, red, green, white, black and every color in between!  I was in heaven!

Not many people had ventured out in the nasty weather so I was able to take my time and soak in all of the beautiful tables.

In talking with some of the women from the Society I found out that they begin planning next years table as soon as they take down this years.
They take advantage of after Christmas sales to collect items within their chosen theme.  
Women after my own thrifty heart ways!

Mr. B was kind enough to photograph the tables so that I could ooh and ahh and try not to visibly drool over each one.

I couldn't pick a favorite. Every table had elements that evoked creativity and memories of some sort.

Okay, time for me to just shut up and share with you these Tables Extraordinaire!
Ha! Of course I will comment when necessary. It's just the way I am.

I got to speak with the woman that put this table together.  All of the treats are real.
She couldn't find white Hostess snowballs so she frosted each one and covered with coconut! 
They looked so decadent!
I am so going to steal borrow her use of the glass blocks to elevate winter decor!

Now if you have been reading my blog for any period of time and remember this post you know why I loved this table.

Do you see the chair covers?  I die! Again, I got to speak to the woman that assembled this table.  She found the BATTERY lighted bows online...off to hunt...oh okay, I'll wait until I have shown you everything.

Adorable little fairies hanging in the tree centerpiece.

How beautiful would this table be for a bridal shower?

Happy Holidays y'all!  How fun is this?

I wasn't keeping an eye on the pictures Mr. B was taking.  This one must not of interested him (MEN!) as this is the only photo he took of it.
Suppose it was because it featured shoes?

This table was called "Sew Ready for Christmas" and featured patterns as a tablecloth and a vintage sewing machine in the centerpiece! I don't have the patience for sewing but this table was sew stinkin' cute!
Sewing notions in canning jars on each plate!  Love it!
Fabric measuring tape for garland and more notions as tree decor.

I know this table was difficult for Mr. B to photograph as it was sooo long, seating for twenty! The centerpiece was incredible.  It featured a reindeer, Santa and his sled all joined together with gold ribbon.

I loved the napkin and gold flatware placement.
 The sleigh, reindeer and Santa were set upon gold candelabras for drama.

 "I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings"

My younger brother is a Disney fanatic.  He would love sitting at this table!

Again, I think Mr. B was distracted by something shiny as he only took this one photo.
Another Western style table.  We are in the Rockies after all!

This Easter table was so sweet.
It was titled "Grandmother's Easter Collection ~ In Memory of Grandma Mary"
I can picture Grandma Mary lovingly setting the table with her precious pieces and calling the family to dinner.

Mr. B's mother would love sitting at this table.  All of the blue, her favorite color!

(Just added a vintage sled to my "to look out for" list)
This is a spinning snow globe!  We weren't sure if it was mass produced or vintage.  All I know, WANT!
Another 'scaper after my own heart! Kitchen towel tied with ribbon and a snowflake as a chair cover.  Keep it simple, keep it inexpensive!

You can't really see it but, an elevated mirror was used for the centerpiece. Hmmm...great minds think alike?
This table was named "Mrs. Claus' closet.  She is such a girlie girl!

Okay we lost Mr. B again.  I think he could smell the baklava that was promised to him when we were done looking at all of the tables. Only one photo of this table.

The story behind these angels is so incredible.  They are handmade by a woman that was in a horrific car accident some years ago.  With no formal training at all she taught herself how to mold the hands and faces. The dresses are sewn using vintage and new handkerchiefs and doilies. Just so beautiful!

"The Grinch Gives Back"
Too cute!  Grinch pajama pants as chair covers!
And my favorite character, Max. Makes me think of our Max every time.
Love the name of this table.  "Dashing Through The Dough At Christmas"
 Flatware placed on oven mitts!  Baking utensils as take homes!
Tiny rolling pins as place cards!

 I *heart* the chargers!
PINK!! Love!

"Do You Still Believe?" Polar Express table.

This table made me laugh!  "Bah Humb Ugg"

"Denver Mint Christmas" Silver and gold plates!

Stunning centerpiece!  All real flowers and greenery!

Turquoise, green and copper!  Not a combination I would have ever thought of but man, it works! Again, real flowers.

Lovely teal.

Greek key plates. Perfect!
I wonder if this book is wrapped up under the tree for me?  Santa, I have been a very very good girl this year (wink)

Pretty and simple table for Christmas dinner with friends and family.

I believe the next two tables were put together by the young ladies you see in the background.  So awesome to see future tablescapers and their talents expressed so beautifully.
This table smelled soooo good!  The centerpiece and tree were loaded with bottles of Juicy Couture Perfume.

Sugar Plum Fairy.  Love the colors.

"Dr. Zhivago"
Everything is covered in the spray snow frost. Chillingly stunning!

That's it!  40 tables all beautifully done up for the holidays.  It was so worth risking life and limb in nasty weather to be able to enjoy each one. I hope you have enjoyed this tour and, like me, have found inspiration in each table. The women of the Society are so proud of their hard work, as well they should be!   I thank them for allowing me to see them all.  Thank you also for allowing Mr. B to take pictures of your tables.
I am already looking forward to next year!  I am praying for nicer weather at that time!
I am also off to find some battery lighted bows!

Please be sure to visit The Philoptochos Society of Saint Catherine Greek Orthodox Church on Facebook for more photos of past Tables Extraordinaire!


  1. That was fabulous! I could spend hours looking over this post, Kathe! Are those fur hats in the Dr Zhivago table? Amazing.
    Mr. B. deserved a lot of sweets after all that work.
    I have never been to a tablescape event. They don't have them here. I wonder how they run it. Is it a fund raiser? Do you know any of the details? I would love to organize one here for our church. It would be a first, that's for sure!
    Maybe I could contact the lady in charge and she could tell me how to organize it?
    Thank you so much, I thoroughly enjoyed it!

  2. Oh my goodness! I am green with envy that you got to look at these lovely tables in person. Gorgeous and just amazing. Great pics (tell Mr. B thanks) and I am inspired by this great display.
    hugs, Linda

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  22. Kathe this is such a fun post! How kind of you and you husband to share the wonderful photos of the decorated tables. The photos are spectacular. I had to stop and view each one. How thoughtful of your husband to photograph them for they are special. Your husband sounds like mine when he said he would get you to the event. Thank you so much for taking the time to load these on your blog. Happy Tablescaping! Pam

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