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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Some Horsing Around

A few weekends ago
Mr. B's brother and 
his two kids were visiting
so, we spent the day 
at his mom & dad's house
which is about 
an hour away.

We live in the suburbs
while they live in the mountains.

The weather was perfect!
Clear blue skies
and the temperatures were
in the low 80's.
This is the view looking south and west
from the back deck.
And due West.

Isn't it beautiful?
 So quiet and peaceful.

(Source: Colin B.)

The elk had been very active
earlier in the week which thrilled the kids!
A big herd of them just mosied 
around the yard and up and down the street.
Of course, when we were there we
didn't see any until the drive home!

Little Miss talked me into 
going to visit the
horses a few houses away.
She immediately named them
Brownie & Vanilla.
How cute is that??

Big Brother joined us
and they loved trying to get the 
horses to eat some grass.

 Little Miss was a bit afraid
to try to touch them
but not Big Brother!
He would have jumped the fence
if I hadn't stopped him LOL!
But, she finally gathered up
the courage and was able 
to give Vanilla a pet on his

After a few more minutes,
Brownie and Vanilla
decided it was time for them
to go to the other end of their pasture 
and bid us farewell.
The kidlets were so excited to go back to
Grandma & Grandpas
and tell them all about their 

 And me?
Well, we got to spend the day
outside in the mountains 
surrounded by beauty
I earned the award of
Best Aunt
for the day!
It's hard to beat that!

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