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Friday, July 20, 2012

Too Close To Home

I'm asking all of my friends here
to please say a prayer
to all of those killed and injured last night 
and, for their families.
 I usually avoid giving specifics
of where in Colorado I live
but, this is my hometown.
We live less than 2 miles away
from where this horrific tragedy took place.
The survivors were taken to
the high school I graduated from.
It's just too close to home.

I love Aurora.
I moved here with my family over 
40 years ago.
It is where my sons grew up.
 It truly is our home.
My hope is that this incident
does not cast an unkind light
on our fine city.

Again, prayers please.


  1. I just seen this....it is so sad. I will certainly be praying for all those involved. Glad you and your family are safe!!

    Aledia @ Plum Perfect

  2. Such a sad tragedy. No reflection on your beautiful state or the beautiful people that live there. My heart goes out to all of you. Prayers for the families.

  3. I sent my first prayers when I saw it on the news this morning. Such a senseless tragedy. Take heart Kathe that the nation is mourning with you and your town.

  4. You and your community members are in my thoughts. What a terrible tragedy.

  5. I am so sorry, Kathe :( My heart, thoughts and prayers are with your community and all those affected by the senseless acts of others.

  6. Oh Kathe, that is way too close to home, so sad to think that one person has no concept of the pain they cause others or don't care. My local news here is everyday drive by, or gang related shootings, so senseless. Prayers to all the families involved. Take care, stay safe.

  7. This is just so devastating! Totally senseless and hard to comprehend. Praying for all those this has touched.

    xoxo Bunny Jean

  8. This is just so upsetting too me. I can't understand and wrap my brain around such unnecessary violence. My prayers go out to the families.

  9. Oh my gosh Kathe. You just gave me Chills. So sad, I am so sorry this was so very close to home for you. Praying for all. xo Jen

  10. Oh Kathe, I just saw this on CNN - it is terribly sad. We hear gunshots every weekend that comes from a nearby low-cost housing area (about 1km from us) and I always worry about wild bullets hitting one of us as we live down the hill. This shooting at your hometown seems so senseless...Thinking of all of you affected directly or indirectly.
    Linda {Hug from South-Africa}

  11. Kathe: I don't know what to say. .. this is truly devistating. I think the entire country is in shock, and this could happen anywhere. Prayers for everyone affected by this unthinkable crime.

  12. I'm so saddened by this event and have been praying ever since I heard about it this morning. Blessings to you and your town. It's yet another sad day for this country. Prayers and hugs coming your way.

  13. Kathe, I lived in Littleton for 12 years, including the time of the Columbine shootings. It is the best town I have ever lived in. I think I know a little bit about how you are feeling. This could have happened anywhere. Your town will respond in a way that will continue to make you proud of your hometown.

    My prayers for everyone involved.

  14. Kathe, the minute I saw the title, I remembered that you were from Colorado. I am horrified and so sad for you that this is your hometown, and it has hit so close to you.

    I have been praying for your town since this morning. I'm so horrified at what this evil has done.

    Know that those of us who aren't close to home care very much.

  15. Dear Kathe yes this could have happened anywhere. I know how sad my heart is and I am far removed from the incident but there is a feeling of Dear God please help us understand what we can do to turn our country around. This has got to stop. Prayers for your state and especially all directly involved. Blessings

  16. Dear Kathe
    I said a prayer when I heard the horrible news yesterday.
    Right now, we in Australia have American Today morning show which I watch every Saturday. This morning it's all about what happened in Aurora.
    And I open my Blogger reader and find your post...
    I'm so sorry, Kathe.
    I have only best memories from my three trips to the USA and find Americans such lovely, friendly people who made me feel safe and loved after I was through the war in the Balkans.
    No incidents, no matter how horrible they can be, can change what I believe and feel about American people. It just breaks my heart that you guys have to suffer such things. And that people have to die...
    I keep you, your family, your town and America in my prayers. I know many churches in Australia will be praying loud tomorrow.
    And I know that millions of praying voices coming from American soil are heard by our Almighty God who, even when it does not look so, turns ALL thins good.

    Love, Dona

  17. Kathe I am so sorry and I have been praying for everyone killed and injured in this tragedy! I don't think it puts a bad name on your town, there are very sick people everywhere. Big Hugs, Linda

  18. I am so sorry Kathe, for your experience being so close to your home. I will be praying for the town of Aurora and all those involved in this tragedy. So sad.. this world we live in is upside down. I will put this in the hands of our lord and hope for healing of all! Hugs, Cindy

  19. Oh, I am so sorry that this happened in your neighborhood...just can't understand how somebody could be sooo sick. Will be praying for everyone.


  20. Such a a sad and senseless situtation. I am thinking of you my dear friend and praying for the families.

  21. Thoughts and prayers for all victims and their families~


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